What to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland?

Edinburgh is a 5-hour train ride from London. It’s one of the cities I look forward to. It’s classic, elegant and its architecture always left me in awe. Food! They also serve culturally-diverse cuisine and everything is absolutely perfect for … Continue reading

Doutonbori: Food and Shopping Haven

Doutonbori is located in Namba Station, one of the principal tourist destinations in Osaka. In fact I’ve found Doutonbori as a food and shopping haven. Aaaaahhh! When we arrived in Doutonbori, we were so elated and  said, “This is what we are … Continue reading

Discovering Fuji Area

    Located 132.7km from Tokyo stands Japan’s highest mountain, Mount Fuji. It took us almost two hours to arrive at this iconic mark. Aside from Mt Fuji, there are a number of picture perfect spots in Fuji Area and … Continue reading