8 Detailed Steps to Apply for a UK Visa: A Guide for Filipinos

I know everyone is interested to visit London but do you have your visa? To help you with your visa application, here are the detailed steps to follow: 1. Know the type of visa you want to apply. There are … Continue reading

Giant’s Causeway Grandeur

Known as  Clochán an Aifir in Irish with 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, Giant’s Causeway is a touristy, picture-perfect place. The seabreeze, the wind, the nature, the lush waves, make this place a must-see destination in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It … Continue reading

Picturesque Ballintoy Harbour

Located 17 miles north-east of Coleraine and five miles west of Ballycastle, is this picturesque and calm Ballintoy Harbour. It is part of County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The places was so perfect if you want to relax and enjoy … Continue reading

Scenic Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Covering 1300 acres of land filled with green grass and colorful flowers, this park is home for tourist and locals during summer. Since I went here during winter, obviously flowers did not bloom yet. But I can just imagine how … Continue reading