Kiss the Tiramisu

Operating Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm

Location: Ground Floor Three Central, Valero, Salcedo, Makati

Contact Number: (02) 246-9069


Finally the dessert shop in Korea that spawns long queues has arrived here in the Philippines. Kiss the Tiramisu is a dessert shop home for Tiramisu Lovers. From pancakes to ice cream and cakes, this shop is really a Tiramisu-haven. Their quaint and special taste for elegance made its ambiance and presentation remarkable!

I love the gold lining goblet where they serve the ice cream. It’s posh and you can take it home! 😍 The box for their cake is so dainty that it can be used as wedding ring box!


– Pumpkin Soup

– Kimbap

– Philly Roll


– French Toast

– Tiramisu Pancake

– Matcha Tiramisu Pancake

Ice Cream

– Classic Tiramisu

– Midas Touch

– Matcha Tiramisu

– Injeolmi Tiramisu


– Classic Tiramisu Cake

– Matcha Tiramisu Cake

They also serve espresso and non-coffee drinks.


We tried the following:

Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream, Php 265

A layer of Mascarpone Cheese, Tiramisu Ice Cream, Wafers, Tiramisu Syrup, topped with Cocoa Powder and Grated Chocolates —— oozingly tempting! Their ice cream alone is delicious, giving you that Tiramisu kick! PLUS they added a mascarpone cheese that makes it more heavenly.

Midas Touch Ice Cream, Php 295

This is my favourite among all we tried because I am not a coffee-lover! It’s actually similar to the Classic Tiramisu Ice Cream that is layered with Mascarpone Cheese and Tiramisu Ice Cream. But instead of chocolates and Tiramisu syrup, it is layered with ube roll cake slice, leche flan, ube syrup and topped with 24K edible gold! WHAT!!!!! Yeah, I was shocked too!

Tiramisu Cake, Php 300

I super love how creamy and consistent the taste is! Definitely something to die for, especially for Tiramisu lovers.

Organic Hot Chocolate Drink, Php 120

I haven’t tried this one but my husband said it is more of a dark chocolate drink, maybe cocoa-ish?


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