An Hour with My Dream Wedding Stylist, Gideon Hermosa

Every girl’s dream is to have that one perfect day seeing the man of her dreams waiting for her walking down the aisle.

Of course that dream wouldn’t be that perfect if some of your wedding suppliers do not understand the value of that one big day. I’ve read a lot of horror stories in the internet that suppliers scammed them, got their money and left them hanging on their big day. It’s horrible; it’s traumatic.

One of the most vital wedding suppliers is the stylist. The stylist sets the mood and makes your imagination to reality. The stylist usually asks for your dream theme, idea, imagination and color scheme. From the details you gave, the stylist will declutter all your ideas into one systematic and organize theme. He/she will make your dream into an innovative reality. Some want rustic, other want all white, some say magical, other say beach. Bride-to-be tends to put everything they imagine in their wedding which muddles the event. Thanks to our wedding stylist who organizes our thoughts and gives us something beyond we could imagine.

Four years ago, I’ve gone through the creations of Gideon Hermosa. Since then, I became his fan! He is a fairy that turns dreams and imagination to reality. He exceeds expectations. He is so resourceful that he makes something out of nothing. He does not settle for less, for the usual, but he always go beyond expectation. I’ve seen a lot of similar theme but output was presented differently. No same events look exactly the same. Why? Because he always want to do more, be unique and make every event a moment to remember.

Photo from Gideon Hermosa Instagram Account

Here are some of my favorite #Gideonized events (Photos from Gideon Hermosa Instagram account).

I suggest that you follow his Instagram account (@Gideon Hermosa) to see more of his awesome creations. His IG stories are also a must because you can see how he transforms a bare venue to something grand. It’s like he will transport you from a basketball court to a palace. Snap snap snap! Just like that!

So surreal that I had the chance to meet my dream wedding stylist, Gideon Hermosa, and talk about wedding plans, theme, idea and imagination. What makes it so memorable is that he came here in Davao on my birthday! Thank you so much Gideon for squeezing us in your very hectic schedule. Thanks for accepting my invitation. See you again, soon? We still owe you some Davao good food. 😘

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