I’m engaged!

It was our last day of tour in Hokkaido, Japan when my boyfriend (Yu) for more than four years proposed. It was a perfect sunny day, 14th of October 2017, the only sunny day during our whole stay in Hokkaido. We stayed for 6 days: the first three days were rainy, cloudy on the fourth, sunny on the fifth and a bit cloudy on the sixth. Yu really planned it to be on fifth day because based on our itinerary that would be the time that we will be visiting Shikisai No Oka, a popular flower field in Hokkaido.


I have no idea about the proposal. Everything was normal, nothing suspicious before or during our trip. Not even Yu’s attitude nor my family nor his. Nothing has changed. Everything was absolutely the same. Though, I thought that he might be proposing in Japan but I wasn’t really expecting. Mashaket mg-expect besh! So I was just cool and not think of it.

However, a month before our trip, I tried the Angel Card Reading. Miss Princess, the card reader, told me if I just broke up or if I am currently having problems with my current boyfriend. I said we are all good and happy. She then showed me my card and told me that someone new will come my way, “…a new emotional experience that would go something deeper. A social invitation could be on its way to you.” So she was thinking a probable break-up and a new guy will come my way. I told her the one in the card is exactly my current boyfriend: very gentle and loving.

Also, two weeks before our trip, my 2-year-old niece,Psalm, suddenly knelt in front of me as if she is proposing. So I asked her, what are you doing? She just smiled and offered me an imaginary thing. Lucky enough to get a snapshot. The week before our trip, Psalm suddenly knelt again and this time with Yu on the side. She offered me an imaginary ring and put it on my finger. So I was like, “Yu! Look! What is she doing?” He just nod and feeling meh! 🙄

That Moment<<<<<<<
king for a perfect view for my Instagram/blog photos (like I always do!haha). Suddenly, Yu gave the go pro to his big brother and told him “Ahia, diri nalang oh. Diri nalang magvideo. (Brother, you can take the video here)”. So I asked, “Ha? Ngano magvideo? Unsay naa? Pangit man diri. Dadto oh! Nice dadto mas duol sa flowers. (Huh? Why are we going to take video? What’s in here? There is a better view over there, closer to the flowers.)”.  I was so fussed and my heart started to beat faster. Then Yu pulled something from his jacket and said, “Mi… Mi… Will you spend the rest of your life with me? Will you marry me?” and I replied “Pagsure ui!”. I hit his face a lot of times because I was so shocked and didn’t know what to do. (Disclaimer: it was not that harmful! I swear! haha.) Tears fell so I covered my eyes with my sunglasses. I don’t want to write what I said because it is so hostile! Hahaha. Just watch the video. LOL

God conspired and made it a perfect day indeed: snow-capped mountains, a field full of blooms and a perfect sunlight to warm the cool weather. God provided us a sunny day during the time he proposed and poured us with a bit of rain afterwards. Seems like He blessed us. <<<<<<<<
noticed, our video and photos do not matched. That is because we did it twice. The video is the actual proposal while the photo is a reenactment thus I laugh. 😂.


Still floating and can’t believe it happened. The first thing I asked was “Do my parents know? Si Mama? Si Papa?” and he responded “Yup! Everyone knows. Your family, my family, my friends and your friends.” Eh di wow! Slow clap to those who know. Pwede na kayo best actor and best actress! Hahaha. You were so good. Nobody spilled. They all knew that Yu will be proposing in Japan but they didn’t know when so they were all waiting and checking our Facebook from time to time.  When God writes your love story, everything will fall in its right place at the right time. Thank you to everyone who congratulated us. Thanks to my family for accepting Yu and for Yu’s family for accepting me. Above all else, thank you God for answering my prayer. Four years ago I was just praying, “Lord, Bigyan nyo po ako ng taong magmamahal sa akin at bubuo kami ng masaya, maginhawa at malapit sa Diyos na pamilya.”  And now, this is it! Lord, thank you for giving me a wonderful, loving and patient husband-to-be. I just can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with Yu.

You’re Ultimately My Infinity. #yuminfinity


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