Autumn-spiration: Tips and Checklist for Autumn OOTD Shots

Just before the flower dies and before they are buried in the winter snow; there comes a festival season when nature is all aglow. Autumn is as beautiful as all other season. It is the time when everything burst with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale (Lauren Destefano). The bright crisp foliage of the autumn sky deserves every great shot, thus perfect spot for OOTD.

Here are what I wore in Hokkaido last week. Hokkaido is the northernmost part of Japan, hence weather is colder than Tokyo. Weather during our stay (October 10-15) ranges from 2-12 °C. It was rainy for the first half a sunny on the rest of the days.

Autumn Wear Checklist:

    • Black Turtle neck – this is a staple for Winter, Spring and Autumn as it very classy and versatile
    • Trench Coat, Leather Jacket
    • Scarf and Gloves – depends on weather but it’s always better to be safe
    • Thermal Wear – Long sleeves or tights; but I did not wear any thermal tights at all. I bought mine mostly in Uniqlo (Tip: Don’t hoard in PH because it is much cheaper in Japan. Usual price for a thermal is Php 990; rate in Japan is JPY 990 ( approx. Php 495)
    • Dress or Skater Skirts or Long Sleeves
    • Black/White Pants or Jeans
    • Socks and Boots – knee-high or ankle boots are perfect to give you that autumn look; there are also thermal socks if you need one)
    • Sunglasses
    • Hats/Earmuffs/Umbrella – fedora or beret is a good buy; but sadly I left mine in PH so I played with my hair and used transparent umbrella instead.


Since autumn is not as cold as winter, I wear 3 layers because I have a very light coat. No need to have a bulky bubbly coats because weather is not that really cold but of course it’s always safe to check AccuWeather or Weather application in your iPhone. It’s my best friend when traveling apart from Google map.

1st layer: Sleeveless – not necessary thermal; this is lighter than having 3 layers of thermal which can make you look fat!

2nd layer: Thermal long sleeves

3rd Layer: Dress or Turtleneck or any Long sleeves – this is the one that can be seen in the photos apart from your coat so this must be your statement outfit!

During winter I usually have 2 or 3 layers of thermal tights before wearing pants but not on this trip because weather is not chilly. Again, it depends on you. Some people have more sensitive legs that they tend to wear thermal tights even during autumn.


Day 1:    Noboribetsu (Sleeveless > Thermal Long sleeves > Dress > Trench Coat+ Knee high boots + Scarf)

Weather 8-10°C

Day 2: Otaru Tour (Sleeveless > Thermal Long sleeves > Long Sleeves > Leather Jacket +White Pants + Knee high boots)

Weather 8°C

Day 3: Sapporo Tour (Sleeveless > Thermal Long sleeves > Pink Turleneck > Black Pants > Scarf + Knee high boots)

Weather 3-5°C

This is the coldest day that I did not mind taking so much photos. I badly needed bonnet or earmuffs during this day but since I forgot it, I have to use my turtleneck and scarf to cover my head and ears.

Day 4: Biei Tour (Sleeveless > Thermal Long sleeves > Black Turtleneck > Skater Mesh Skirt > Scarf + Knee high boots)

Weather 2-8°C

Finding Perfect Spots

Places with crisp orange foliage is a best place to take those OOTD shots but of course, streets can be your runway as well.

So, that’s it! Hope this helps! 🙂


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