A Day in Cebu

Cebu’s tourism boosts over the years. Oslob whale shark watching, Sumilon sandbar, Pescador island, canyoneering at Kawasan falls, Osmeña Peak, Simala, Moalboal and Bantayan Island are some

of the things and places you can do or go when in Cebu. However for a day tripper like me, it’s so hard to visit these places especially when you don’t have your own car. Easiest way of course is either (1) rent a car or 2) join package tours. (If you have friends/relatives in Cebu, why not ask them to tour you around? Haha.) Package tour or renting a car is fine if you are in a group of 5 or more but since it’s just the two of us, day tour to places mentioned above can cost at least Php 5,000 per person! You can, however, commute public transpo but again you are a day tripper and can’t risk to miss your flight. Right? So I ask my friend Karen (she’s a blogger too! Follow her #janethewanderer) on what we can do for a day trip in Cebu.

From the list she provided, we accomplished the following:

Dinner at Sugbu Weekend Market

Are you a foodie like me? Then never miss to this weekend market. Food like shakes, ice cream, pizza, barbeque, sushi, etc can be found here. Price is also reasonable and the vibe is so alive!

Oh by the way, have you heard of Cebu’s Pyramid? It’s not like Egypt’s Pyramid but it’s more off like Louvre Museum in Paris. It’s a new winery in Cebu and it’s something really posh. It’s just behind the IT park’s weekend market so we just dropped by to take this photo.

Visit Temple of Leah, Sirao Garden and Tops

I opt to combine the three because of its location. It is far from the downtown area and only few taxis/uber/grab accepts booking on this area. Hence to make your travel worthy, it would be wise to tour these three together. We booked Grab to temple of Leah but the driver called and offered us a package to these three destination for Php 1,800 no limit in hours. Since we’re in a hurry, we just went to Temple of Leah and Sirao Garden. A fee of Php 20 and Php 50 has to be paid to each spot, accordingly.

Chill at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

For just Php 2,500, you can enjoy a buffet lunch as well as all the amenities and activities inside Plantation Bay. A cheaper rate of Php 2,000 is paid for weekday day trippers. Visit here for a detailed list of amenities in Plantation Bay. Since this place is near Mactan Airport, I suggest for you to schedule this trip upon arrival or before departure so you can save in paying your taxi bill. From downtown Cebu, we paid about Php 300 for a oneway taxi.

Sip a Coffee at 10,000 Roses

Located in the same island as the Mactan Airport, 10,000 roses is a best place to chillax just before your flight. They serve sumptuous goodies and shakes. The sunset is also a must-see. Going here is quite tricky so ensure you’ll have ample time to enjoy the place to make your trip worthy.

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