Annual College Tuition Fee to Rise as High as Php 700,000 in 2035

Last Sunday, Sun Life Financial PH held a Mom's Day Out in Park Inn by Radisson. It was a half day full of fun and realizations to all moms, expecting moms and even those aunties who have nephew or niece below 7 years old. It started with a registration, followed by relaxing back massage by Elysia Spa and sumptuous snacks by RBG of Park Inn by Radisson. Every mom and auntie was really pampered and released away from all the stresses in life. It was indeed a Mom's Day Out. Freebies were given to all attendees. Belo Baby, Celeteque, Messy Bessy, Working Mom, Eand of course Sun-Sun of Sun Life were among the freebies provided in the goodie bags.

However the treat does not just end there, Sun Life provided two wonderful speakers who are also moms, supermoms to be exact: Michelle Alignay and Maylene Almonte.

Michelle Alignay is a registered psychologist, registered guidance counselor, part-time lecturer, author, speaker, mom and wife rolled into one. Whew! How did she managed to be a supermom? Michelle shares on how to balance life. She shares about the true meaning of a MOM: Master of Multitasking. Don't you agree? Our moms are indeed supermom because they managed to clean the house, cook for us, take care of us when we're sick, works for us, our all around helper without a fee of course. Hugs and kisses are enough for them to do everything for us. Salute to all
Moms out there! Hi Ma! Thanks for cleaning my room! Mwah! Haha. But hey mom! You don't have to do everything what you ought to do. Remember, you can only give when you are full. Give yourself a me-time because remember you are not a superhero!

Michelle also shares the Perception of Balance and Carving your Practical Self-Care.

The second speaker, Maylene Almonte, Mindanao Clusterhead of Sun Life PH is a supermom as well. She shares on how to manage money especially on saving bucks for the educational fund of our little ones.

Do you know that the annual college tuition fee for the top schools in the Philippines today amounts to an average of Php 150,000 and this normally increases to an average of 2.5-12.5% a year. By the time my offsprings will be in college (so that would be about 20 years from now), college tuition fee will rise as high as Php 700,000 a year! Now where can I get that money? Good thing Sun Life has this program, My Future Fund (MFF). This will enable parents to save money now for the future of our kids. My Future Fund is also not an exclusive educational plan but an any future fund, whatever your purpose may be.

For more information, visit Sun Life Financial PH website or facebook page. You can also speak to any of Sunlife agents. What's best with Sunlife is that it creates the best plan that suits your current income and spending habits so you that have to worry that much. How do you plan for your future? Start your future now.


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