Experience with Francis Libiran

It was the 15th day of September 2016, 7:20pm when I first saw in flesh the great and talented Filipino designer, Francis Libiran. I and Kim were just strolling in Greenbelt, looking for some good food to eat when we saw Francis Libiran Bridal Line grand launch! I was so ecstatic to see him and was waiting for him to sneak on the cordoned event to have a photo with him. I was hesitant at first because he might decline my favor but I grabbed it because hey it's Francis Libiran!!! I can just see him in IG but I can see him now in flesh! I approached him, his with his fiancé (that time), and told him "Hi, I am Jhanna. Pwede po papicture?" Surprisingly with no hesitations, he said Yes. Tadaaa!

But that's not the highlight of the night. The big thing that really inculcated in my head and heart was what he said after that, "Do you want some drinks? You can go inside and get some. 🙂 " My heart just melted! Aaaahh!!!!! I already admired him for his stunning creations but knowing how pure and humble his heart is, I respected and even admired him more! C'mon the event was for stars, socialite and those who are in the fashion industry limelight but he invited me inside, a local commoner who wear nothing but a semi-corporate outfit! It was just a WOW! But of course, I didn't go inside. Nakakahiya na po! Haha.

But that's not the end of the story.

I got to meet him again, almost a year after. On the 22nd day of July 2017, I was so lucky to meet him again. It's more special this time because I got the chance to try his stunning creations, his personal pick by the way. I saw his post in IG that he will be having a trunk show in Cebu the same time I will be visiting Cebu.

I emailed and asked about it. And tadaaa it's free! I did not miss that opportunity and booked myself at 6:00pm on July 22. That day was just epic. Arrived at 5:59pm in Marco Polo lobby. I was picked up by Faye, styling consultant, from the lobby to the trunk show in Marco Polo Suite Room. I thought it was just a plain fitting of gowns where I have to select and try but that's not the case Francis Libiran personally entertained and assisted me. Ahhhh!!! He is the the most humble, sweetest and very down to earth person I know. He is THE Francis Libiran but never did I felt the gap nor pride in him. He has the luxury to boast about himself but he was genuinely humble. He is so simple.

He first asked me about the style I want and any body parts that I am conscious with. Then he picked the gown that he thinks best fit me. I tried each one and checked if what looks good on me.

My story did not end there. Haha! It's a long post dear but promise this is the last! So I post in my IG story about what just happened and tagged him and surprisingly he replied!

Francis, you are the best! You deserve whatever you have today! Continue to be a blessing.

By the way, he's planning to do bridal trunk show in Davao as well!

DISCLAIMER: I am not getting married anytime soon.


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