What to Do in Edinburgh, Scotland?

Edinburgh is a 5-hour train ride from London. It’s one of the cities I look forward to. It’s classic, elegant and its architecture always left me in awe. Food! They also serve culturally-diverse cuisine and everything is absolutely perfect for my taste buds and hungry tummy. Nomnom!

How to get around?

What made this city best is their transportation. With just GBP 4, you can have an unlimited ride to Lothian Bus routes. The all-day fare is better as compared to its GBP 1.60 per way, but it depends how many times you think you will ride the bus. You can ask the bus driver upon payment and ask for the all-day pass. Take note, they do not give change so make sure you have exact amount to drop in their transparent box.

Places to Visit/Things to Do:

I have listed 10 but we only tried up to 8.

  1. Walk in the streets of Royal Mile.

This is my favorite street of all because it brings me back to medieval times. This is the main road of the Old Town of the city. It’s a busy street wherein a lot touristy can be found. Lot of souvenir shops lined up here even tourist places like Scottish Whisky Tour, Camera Obscura and Ghost Tour. St Giles can also be found in this street.



Steep stair on the way to Royal Mile


St Giles Cathedral


Royal Mile Market


Royal Mile Market

  1. Enjoy the details of Scott Monument in Princes Street.

This monument stunned me the moment I saw it. It was love at first sight. It’s beautiful and stands at the heart of Edinburgh. It is the largest monument commemorating a Scottish novelist, Sir Walter Scott. I don’t know why our cameras won’t do justice on this amazing piece. Just look for yourself and feel what I felt.



Stunning Details


  1. Explore Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle, the famous icon of Scotland, is situated on top of the Castlehill. It is just a 10-minute walk from the city centre, Princes Street.  It’s open from 9:30am to 6:00 for a fee of GBP 17 for adults and GBP 10.20 for children.


Edinburgh Castle Entrance



A lot of people


Souvenir Shop inside the Castle



  1. Splurge your eyes with Calton Hill’s breathtaking view.

Setting right at the city centre, Calton Hill is the best place to see Edinburgh in bird’s eye view. It can be easily access as it only takes about five minutes to get to the top of the hill from Regent Road or Royal Terrace whichever you are nearer. We went there midday and it’s already stunningly perfect. How much more if we spent the sunset, sunrise or nighttime there?


  1. Ride any bus and stop wherever you want to.

This is another way to find something you don’t even know exist. We just rode any Lothian Bus and alighted at any point where we saw something interesting. We found this mall with kid’s theme park and a view of river bunk. We also saw a lot of great architecture.


  1. Munch for some good food.

One of the highlights of this trip is the filling our tummy with good food. We tried Spanish, Scottish, Italian and Chinese restaurants here. Our favorite is the seafood platter in a Scottish restaurant which we sadly did not remember the name. Can somebody tell me what the name of this resto please????? It’s located near Royal Mile Street.


First Meal in Edinburgh: Spanish Cuisine


So this is the Tapa. I thought it’s Filipino Tapa. Haha. Well Tapa means Appetizer.



Pork chop!




The BEST Seafood Platter EVER!!!!!


Please tell me what restaurant is this please.

  1. Try the Sunday market in Stockbridge.

This is where I tried the best French Macaroons so far! Even better from that my friend (Hi AK!)  bought in Paris. A lot of antique and local products can also be found here. It’s open every Sunday from 10:00am-5:00pm in the Jubilee Gardens.


  1. Enjoy street act/show.

Just like in the movies, Edinburgh is known to have a number of street acts. We found some like Sand Sculpture, Scottish Musician and a Magician!

  1. Scare yourself with a ghost tour or drink Scottish whisky.

Ghost and whisky tour are some of Edinburgh’s famous to-do but we haven’t tried this because (1) we do not want to be afraid and (2) we don’t drink (Si Grets lang umiinom! Hahaha. Hi beh.) My manager also told me not to try the ghost tour because it’s not something scary but it’s up to you.


Scottish whisky experience along Royal Mile


  1. Visit free galleries and museums.

Edinburgh has a number of galleries and museums free of charge. The nearest in the city centre is the Scottish Museum. However, we opt not too because it does not interest us. We are not artsy-fancy but it’s always good to know more of the history of Edinburgh, right?




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