Let’s Go to Glasgow: An Unplanned Trip

Sometimes things are better when not planned. Remember, unplanned trips usually pushed through than those that has long been planned, right? Our trip to Glasgow last April was one of the attestations of this cliché.

We went to Edinburgh for the holy week. We spent our first and last days in the city and in the Scottish Highlands on the 2nd day. We are booked for Scotland for 4 days so we have one free day. We’ve checked what’s more in Edinburgh for the 3rd day but we found nothing that interest us. Don’t get me wrong Edinburgh is way too beautiful but spending three full days in the city is too long for us. So, we immediately decided to go on the nearest city possible, Glasgow! Glasgow is just an hour and a half bus ride from Edinburgh. It’s also the largest city of Scotland and the third of United Kingdom.


How to Go to Glasgow from Edinburgh?

  1. Go to Edinburgh Bus terminal.
  2. Ride Scottish Citylink Bus 900 or Megabus. (depends on your preference). We booked via Citylink as it has frequent trips to and from Glasgow. It cost us GBP 11.60 for a roundtrip open bus ride.
  3. Alight at Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station.



Citylink counter.


Tickets for four. (Make sure to buy in group to have a group saver fare.)

Our tickets. Make sure to buy in group to avail of the group saver discount.






Where to go?

We have no idea where to go. We don’t even know what’s in Glasgow in the first place. Upon arrival in Buchanan Glasgow Bus Station, we googled top places in Glasgow and found the following:

  • Glasgow Cathedral
  • George Square (The heart of Glasgow)
  • Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
  • The University of Glasgow
  • Kibble Palace and Botanic Garden
  • Glasgow Green and People’s Palace
  • Glasgow Science Center
  • Glasgow Necropolis
  • Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

The above mentioned are just some of the things you can search in the must-see list in Glasgow. No idea what to expect and what to ride in Glasgow, we opted to explore the city by walking. We let our feet take the lead. YUP! The biggest city of Scotland explored by foot. And this ladies and gentlemen is called Adventure Time! Hahaha.

From the list above, we used Google Map (my travel bestie). We plot everything we think is great and arrange our walking tour starting with the nearest place in the Buchanan Bus Station. Then the walking tour started. We stopped everytime we found something picture-worthy and changed route if we think that the place is far. We were halfway to the Kelvingrove and decided not to push through; instead we changed route and proceeded to the nearest place plotted on our Google Map. I will let our photos tell you a story about our Walkathon in Glasgow.



Buchonon Terminal


We headed to the city centre which is just 5-minute walk from the Bus Station.



Nobody knows us here anyway so cheezy pose! HAHAH


City Centre


City Centre


Headed to Gallery of Modern Art. No entrance fee. 


Can somebody tell me what art is this?








We’re hungry and decided to stop walking and munch some good food.


One of the best pizza I’ve tried!


Another set of walkathon after refueling our tummy.


Ready to digest. First stop: George Square


Milan feels


Just a random corner street in Glasgow.


Their architecture always leave me in awe.


People’s Palace

Glasgow Necropolis


Their own “Big Ben”


Dinner! Food again! Walking made us so hungry!


Another good food! Scotland you have a diverse cuisine of good food!



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