10 Day England and Scotland Budget and Itinerary

It’s been a while since I last posted but finally had the time to write something about my UK trip. Well, it was not actually a trip but a short-term work assignment. Thanks to EY! 🙂 Haha. First things first, budget and itinerary. Unlike my other budget and itinerary posts, this one is quite incomplete for a 10-day England and Scotland trip because accommodation, food and shopping costs were not included in this budget. Our accommodation in London is free, well not FREE like FREE but it was paid by the company so we have not paid anything for that. Food actually depends on how you eat and where you eat but average price per meal in London is GBP 10. Since we live in a condotel, most of our meals are spent at home. We cooked canned goods from PH brought by my friends who came over so it was a huge savings! That’s one tip already! Wohoo!

This 10-day itinerary was based on my last weeks and this is not the exact same order that we did but this is my suggested itinerary for Scotland and England. I’ll be giving you a lot of tips to cut cost on your UK travel in my other post so don’t forget to read it. Ok?

By the way, before anything else, you need to buy an Oyster Card! It will help you save a lot of money. Oyster card is a reloadable transportation card within London. One oyster card has a deposit of GBP 5 which is refundable if you return the card.  You can buy an oyster card at any Train Stations.  A 7-day unli pass within Zone 1 and 2 will cost you GBP 33 but if you are not booking an unli pass, one day cap for an Oyster card is GBP 7 a day. Hence, I have included GBP 7 per day.

The total of this 10-day itinerary is approximately GBP 500. This includes: tours and fares.

Click the link to get the complete and detailed PDF copy England and Scotland 10-Day Itinerary.





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