Scottish Highland Tour

Visiting Scotland is never complete without the Scottish Highland Tour. Originally, we planned to tour by car but plans changed and decided to book a tour instead. Last minute booking is tough especially that we went here on a peak season, Holy Week. Most of the agencies do not have available slots. (So I suggest  for you to book ahead of time!) Luckily we found this amazing tour by Highland Experience.

We had a great time to spend a day in Scottish Highlands from Edinburgh Royal Mile to passing by Forth Railway Bridge to stopping in Pitlochry to passing by Cairngorms National Park to cruising Loch Ness to seeing Ben Navis and Loch Linnhe to passing by Glen Coe. For just £49, we had visited the highlights of Scottish Highlands. This, however, excludes the Loch Ness cruise which cost £13 each.

Here’s our route looks like:

Screenshot from Highland Experience Site

Screenshot from Highland Experience site

The tour itself will entail lots of bus ride. As you can see in the route, we traveled half of Scotland. The view, however, will surely entertain you.

Our guide was very informative so we learned more of Scotland’s history, Our tour is named as Monsters, Mountains and Massacre. So expect so many stories about massacres and history of Scotland. 🙊

Meeting place:
The tour starts at 8:00am but we need to be at the meeting place 15 minutes before the scheduled departure. Meeting place is at Highland Experience office in Royal Mile.


We had a quick break at Pitlochry to buy some goodies for lunch. We had just 30 minutes so we just bought at Gregg’s sandwichesfor lunch.

Cairngorms National Park

Before heading to Loch Ness, we passed by Cairgorms National Park, the largest national park in Scotland. I actually haven’t take the chance of taking a photo of it because it’s either I was asleep or I was stunned that I forgot to take a photo.

Loch Ness

Loch Ness is known for the mysterious creature called Nessie but do you know that Lochness is the largest body of water in Britain by volume that even all the rivers and lake of England and Wales are not enough to fill it?

We had a 30-minute break before we take the cruise to Loch Ness. It’s an optional tour. You can take the cruise or just roam around Loch Ness. I suggest that you take the tour because come on you’re already here why not try it! Right? The cruise cost £13 and is it worth it? Definitely yes!

Loch Linnhe and Ben Navis

This is the best place we stopped. Since the trip is mostly consumed by traveling, it’s always good to have some quick stopovers in beautiful lakes and mountains. Sadly, we only have 5-10 minutes in every stopover just to take scenic photos that we haven’t really had enough time to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.


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