A Day in the Walled Town of Tenby

Tenby is a walled town in Pembrokeshire, West of Wales. It’s a harbor town, a seaside resort, a perfect place to relax and bond with nature. Its narrow cobbled street, friendly neighborhood and their colorful homes make this place a wonderful place to stay.

How to get here:

Tenby is a four-hour-drive from London via M4. We went here by car from Aldershot to Stonehenge to Wales and it was a smooth and picturesque ride. You won’t even notice how long you are in the car because the view is quite entertaining.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your private car because there is a lot of way to travel in Wales. One is by train from London. Just head to Paddington station and ride a train to Tenby. it only has one stop, Swansea and the travel will approximately take 5 hours.

There’s also a coach or a plane. Coach is run by National Express from London Victoria and will approximately take 6 hours. Plane is via Cardiff Airport, 100 miles away from Tenby.



We went here during winter and obviously nobody wants to swim in cold water, right? Hence, there’s quite few activities we can do there but everything was still perfect.


  1. Walk by the Castle Beach

  2. Stroll in their cobbled street and munch some fish n chips

  3. Explore the Lifeboat Station

  4. Sunbathe and live the moment

  5. Fishing and Boat Tours

    We haven’t tried this as it is winter and there was no available boat during that time but during summer a lot of tourist come here to relax and have a boat tour or catch some fish. 


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