Half Day Itinerary in Bath

Bath is located in the southwestern  part of England. It is a town known for Roman’s public bath in 18th century. The place is so scenic and serene. Arhitectures are mostly honey-colored bath stones, feeling like you’ve traveled back to Roman era.
I love the vibe of this town:  small, homey but scenic. Bath is an hour and a half from Aldershot, England. We arrived at around 2:30pm and had a quick tour around the place. It offers many touristy places but we only managed to visit some:

1. Roman Bath

This is the most popular place in Bath. In fact, Bath is known for this site. Entrance fee is £15 per adult. It took us almost 2 hours to tour the place. This is a place best for people who love history and roman era.

2. Bath Abbey

 It is a late medieval church with a victorian gothic interior. It is located just beside the Roman bath. There is no entrance fee but there is a donation of £4 per person. We did not entered the place due to limited time.


3. Bath City Center

This is just outside the Roman Bath. This place is full of street entertainers, tourist and food stalls. 

4. Parade Gardens

This place is just across the Bath City Center. The good thing about this place is that every place is just walking distance. 🙂

5. Pulteney Bridge

The photo below is not the Pulteney Bridge but just one of the bridges near the city centre. We were not able to check the Pulteney Bridge, which is one of the landmarks of this city. But this photo isn’t bad right? This is what I’m talking about. Everything is just so lovely. 

So for less than 5 hours, we visited and roamed around the place and everything is just so picture-perfect!

Other tourist spots are: Royal Crescent, Circus, Jane Austen and Royal Victoria Park. If you got more time, try their Thermae Bath Spa! 

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