Geales Notting Hill (est 1939): London’s Favorite Neighborhood Fish Restaurant

Location: 2 Farmer Street, London, W8 7SN


Price: Mid-price

Operating Hours: 12:00pm-10:30pm

Contact Number: +77 20 7727 7528

For 78 years now, Geales claimed to be London’s favorite neighborhood fish restaurant. Located in the heart of Notting Hill, London, this place indeed stands by their words. I and my friend was craving for some good food, particularly seafood. So we were searching the nearest seafood restaurant in Notting Hill and poof we were lead to this lovely restaurant.


The location is quite not inviting outside. It looks simple but when we entered the place, the magic started. The ambiance was so lovely and classic. They have maintained its classic style since 1939 but have kept up with trend. From the dainty and lovely tables and chairs up to the classic ceiling and window pane, this place is really up for something.


So we got the menu and everything was so tempting. We ordered the hot plate, a combination of all seafood dishes: crabs, lobster, king prawn and mussels. AAAAAAAAHHHH! I’m drooling!!! We want to order more but the waiter was so honest enough to say that the meal we ordered is more than enough for two persons. So we just ordered one meal. (I think she underestimated how Filipino eats! haha!)

Tadaaa! The food is 5/5. Everything was so sumptuous that I can eat everything. Tsk! I hope we ordered one each, sharing is not enough for our big tummy. But maybe we were just so hungry that day. Hahaha.

Then the dessert! It’s mouthwatering. Everything tasted sooooooo perfectly good! (I know superlatives but yep! It’s a must-visit restaurant!)


Service is also 5/5. Though there is only one waiter who serves the whole area (maybe just that time because it was already past 3:00 in the afternoon), the service is still of high quality. The waiter is  engaging and friendly making us more comfortable. She is attentive and loves to chat with us.

Overall, the experience and the food is really something to add on your bucket list when you are visiting Notting Hill or London. 🙂


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