Scenic Sir Thomas and Lady Dixon Park

Covering 1300 acres of land filled with green grass and colorful flowers, this park is home for tourist and locals during summer. Since I went here during winter, obviously flowers did not bloom yet. But I can just imagine how perfect this place would be.Nevertheless, this place is still a beaut even during winter. My favorite place here is Japanese-style garden. 

Originally formed in the mid-18th century, as part of the Wilmont estate, the park was first owned by the Stewarts; a farming family from Scotland. The estate was used for growing crops and bleaching linen and the main family house stood on the site of what is now the park’s lower car park. -Belfast City Council

How to get here:

Enter the park at Upper Malone Road. For The Stables coffee shop, use the lower entrance (towards Drumbeg). Take Ulsterbus no. 21 to Drumbeg from the Europa Bus Station in Belfast city centre (Mondays to Fridays only) or use Metro no. 8 A-C. (Source: Belfast City Council website)


What made this place more beautiful is that it has no fee! The place is owned by the people of Belfast, hence this place is free for all. 


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