Rediscovering the Lost Town of Dunluce

Located on the edge of basalt in County Antrim is this lovely Dunluce Castle but this scenic view is not as lovely as it is today. The history in this castle is quite horrifying and tumultuous. It has a history shaped by violence, intrigue and rebellion. 

“You are now standing in what was once the centre of bustling early 17th century town of Dunluce. The ruins of the houses and streets are buried beneath the ground around the castle and throughout the surrounding fields.” — reading this in one of the artifacts in Dunluce Castle made me had goosebumps. We’re talking about medieval times here and I can’t believe I am right here. 

A fee of £5 is collected when you enter the castle. It operates from 10:00am to 5:00pm. 

How to get here:

On A2 approximately 3 miles East of Portrush on the road to Bushmills. I don’t have any idea if there is a public transportation for this place but I do believe the only way to get here is through private cars or tour bus. 


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