Ichiran: Japan’s Best Tonkutso Ramen

When you say Ramen, Japan is the first thing that comes to your mind, right? Hence during our 10-day stay in this spectacular country, we never skipped to eat Ramen. In fact there was one day that we said, “Can we skip Ramen today please?” Hahaha. Ramen is everywhere. It  mushrooms and I must say all Ramen houses in Japan are spectacularly good but nothing  as good as Ichiran. We’ve known about Ichiran through Yelp!



Ichiran Shibuya


Ichiran claimed to be the most dedicated Ramen Company to the study of Tonkotsu Ramen in the world and I agree to them! They’ve got the best creamy  rich tonkotsu ramen I’ve tried! From its rich broth  to the freshly made noodles and thinly sliced tasty pork to the delectable egg. Aaah! I’m drooling now.



Want some? Here’s the 5 easy steps to get that ramen.

Step 1: Order from a vending machine

Japan’s food chains are mostly through vending machine. You order and pay via vending machine and  wait for your ramen ticket. Here you can choose your ramen and any accompanying ingredients like egg, extra spring onions and seaweed.


However before we got in the vending machine, we have to queue for 30 minutes. Yup! It’s actually late at night but the queue is quite long. The restaurant in Shibuya can accommodate just 20-30 pax so we have to wait until customers are done before we can come in.


Queue Outside


Queue downstairs


Step 2: Create your ramen

A waiter will provide you an order sheet on the preferences of your ramen: flavor strength, richness, garlic, green onion, sliced pork, original red sauce and noodle texture.

For first timers, I suggest that you pick “medium” or “regular”.


Order Sheet


Step 3: Wait for an Available Seat

The moment you enter Ichiran until customizing your ramen, you will be in a queue. A person can enter the restaurant once there are available seats. They have this lighted up panel which shows any available or occupied seat. But don’t worry, the staff will inform you if you can enter.


Blue indicates availability


Step 4:  Proceed to your designated seat

Their seat are in booths that can accommodate one customer. So one booth for one customer.



Step 5: Hand over your order sheet and wait for your ramen

There is a peeping window where you can see staff’s hands. Hand over your order sheet and ramen ticket and wait for  5 minutes! And tadaaa! Your ramen is ready to be munch!




Self-service water


For Ichiran locations in Japan, click here.


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