Doutonbori: Food and Shopping Haven

Doutonbori is located in Namba Station, one of the principal tourist destinations in Osaka. In fact I’ve found Doutonbori as a food and shopping haven. Aaaaahhh! When we arrived in Doutonbori, we were so elated and  said, “This is what we are looking for in Japan!” Good thing Doutonbori is just a few steps from our hotel that  we spend every night strolling in this place. I must say two nights are not enough to explore the place.



View from our hotel. Dotonbori is just a few steps away.

Food in Doutonburi are just so delectable that you want to try everything they offer. Street food and high priced restaurants are also available in the area.


Takoyaki JPY 700


We’ve also tried Kobe beef and other premium beef and I must say it melts in your mouth! Too mouthwatering! They also have this certificate/sticker to prove the quality of the beef.


Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade is along Dotonbori. It is approximately 600-meter long. It combines arcades, chain retail stores and trendy boutiques.  I suggest that you bring extra money or credit cards with you because definitely you will drool over their items! Tempting? No! VERY TEMPTING!


Two of the most famous landmarks here are Kani Doraku Crab and Glico Man. So don’t forget to capture them.


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Kani Doraku Crab



Glico Man


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