Top 10 Attractions You Should Not Miss in Universal Studios Japan

There are 5 types of attractions Universal Studios Japan offers: Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Wonderland, Ride Attractions and Show Attractions and Stage and Street Shows. Each type has its own genre and has a number of attractions within. The theme park is so diverse that it caters everyone’s interest from adventure to mellow activities.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is one of the most-sought attractions. This is where Hogwarts Castle and other Harry Potter sites and activities are located. Potterheads can stay here for 1 day! Haha. Universal Wonderlands are for kids and young at hearts. Kiddie rides and stuffs are located here. The Ride Attractions are for thrill-seekers or what they called YOLO individuals. For those who love to watch movies or musical shows, just sit, relax and watch their Show Attractions. For those who love parades, Stage and Street shows are for you. Why choose if you can try them all?

Here are my top 10 favorites:

1. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey in 4K3D (Ride)

This is one spectacular ride I’ve ever tried! It awes me the whole time. From the time I entered Hogwarts to the riding the thrill ride! I felt like I was flying with Harry racing to get the Golden Snitch! Aaah! Crazy! I am not even a Harry Potter fan but it was so fantastic, how much more for those potterheads out there!



2. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride

This is Japan’s first Virtual Reality coaster and I was just so elated to try! Aaaaah!!! It istoo cute and colorful with the Japanese fashion model and singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Crayon Shin-chan) as the star. I felt like a kid in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!



3. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman – The Ride – 4K3D

If you have tried USS Transformers, then this is its counterpart here in USJ! Spectacular and indeed a must try! We were not supposed to ride and we are about to leave when we noticed that waiting time is just 5minutes! So we rushed inside!



4. Three Broomsticks, Ollivanders and Wand Magic (Sightseeing)

Heaven for all Potterheads! The Three Broomsticks is a restaurant that serves Harry Potter inspired meals and drinks like Butterbeer.




Ollivanders are placed for all wands!


If you buy a wand, a map will be provided to you so that you can perform some magic tricks with your wand. Wingardium leviosa!


5. Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue and The Snoopy Studios (Sightseeing and Kiddie Rides)

Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue is one of the best places I’ve gone crazy with! Like H-E-A-V-E-N! I’m fan of Hello Kitty, by the way! Hahaha. There are no thrill rides here but for kids and young at hearts like me and my boyfriend, this is our favorite! 🙂



6. The Flying Dinosaur (Extreme Ride)

YOLO? These rides are for you! I’ve never tried this but I want to! The Flying Dinosaur is an over-the-top extreme roller coaster ride!  Imagine Superman. That is how you will ride this thing! And get ready for the 360 degree! Whew!


7. Jurassic Park – The Ride (Extreme Ride)

Another extreme ride is The Jurassic Park. I thought this is just a simple river tour but no! As the boat will take 25.9 meter drop! So this is what I called wet and wild.


8. Jaws

Jaws is a simple boat ride until an enormous man-eating shark appears! Raaawr! Waiting time took us 30minutes.



9. Hollywood Dream – The Ride – Backdrop

What’s more thrilling than a backward roller coaster ride? Yikes!


10. Magical Starlight Parade

After all the extremes and fun, it is good to end up the mood with happy and fantastic parade at night where our favorite characters are illuminated. Yaay.


For other attractions and parades schedule, please click here.



A one day studio pass costs JPY 7,400. You can buy your tickets online or even in 7-eleven. Due to tourist traffic congestion, I suggest that you upgrade your tickets to Universal Express Pass that will let you enjoy each attraction with shortened waiting times. There are limited express pass sold each day so be sure to book yours ahead of time or as soon as you get inside the park. An extra charge is to be paid, of course. Click here to check the rates when you upgrade.



How to get there:

Wherever you are in Osaka, just ride a JR Yumesaki Line and alight at Universal-City.



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