Ticking Off Another Disneyland: Tokyo Disneyland

Yay! It’s so surreal that I have ticked another Disneyland from my list. I plan to visit all Disneyland parks in the world before I get 30. I’m 25 now and I still got 5 more years to visit the remaining 4. Hahaha. Hope I can make it! I still have Shanghai, Florida, California and Paris.

Tokyo Disneyland is not on our itinerary. Our plan was to visit either Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. Since we already chose DisneySea as it is the only one in the world, we allocated our last day for strolling and shopping in Tokyo. However, upon checking the attractions in Disneyland, we noted that there are more than 10 attractions that are not in Hong Kong Disneyland, the first Disneyland we visited. So, we decided to go!


How to get there:

Tokyo Disneyland is just adjacent to Maihama Station. From there, all you need to do is to turn right and walk straight. It’s just a 5-minute walk from the station. No need to ride the Disney train.



The ticket price is same with Tokyo DisneySea. If you purchase the two-day pass, you can visit Disneyland on the 1st day and DisneySea on the 2nd day or vice versa.

 park tickets

 Here are the attractions that can be found in Tokyo Disneyland. I’ll be putting asterisk (*) sign for those ride that are not in Hong Kong Disneyland. I’ll also put smiley 🙂 for attractions that you should not be missing! Take note that one day is not enough to tour this 115-acre theme park, so this might help you prioritize.


By the way, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THE FASTPASS, your key to skip waiting lines! This will be your best ally in Disneyland! Always get a fastpass whenever you can. Again, it is FREE! Just find a fastpass machine at any ride you want then insert your Disneyland Passport to get one fastpass. Return on that ride during your assigned time slot. Note, however, that not all rides have fast pass. I’ll be indicating in the next section which rides have it. By the way, you can’t get all fast pass rides at one time, so know what rides to prioritize and get your next fastpass as soon as it becomes available. The ticket also indicates the time when you can get another fastpass ticket. So tada! Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland!


There are 7 themed areas in Tokyo Disneyland: World Bazaar, Adventureland, Westernland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Critter Country and Mickey’s Toontown. The last two are just minilands. (Note: All attractions are in Japanese including their theaters and performances!)

World Bazaar

This is the main entrance of Disneyland and the primary shopping area. No rides can be found here but there are three attractions in this area: Omnibus, The Disney Gallery and Penny Arcade. The Omnibus is an old-fashioned bus which will take you around World Bazaar. The Disney Gallery is where you can enhance your drawing skills as classes are available on drawing Mickey and other Disney Characters but they only speak Japanese. Lastly but definitely not the least for the World Bazaar is the Penny Arcade. It’s a bit creepy but actually fun! Unlike the usual arcade, the machines are classical and coin operated.



There are two themes found in Adventureland: New Orleans and Jungle. Attractions located here are as follows:

Western River Railroad

This steam-powered train can accommodate up to 140 persons and will tour you around Adventureland.

Pirates of Caribbean* 🙂

Aahhhh! One of the best! Here you’ll be riding a boat for 20 people and you will be exploring like a pirate. This place is a bit hidden; so only few know that this attraction exists. Hurray for no waiting lines! Haha! And since everything is in Japanese, Captain Jack Sparrow speaks Japanese! Haha.  


Hello Captain Jack!


This is how it looks from the outside. It looks like a typical store but it’s not.

Jungle Cruise: Wildlife Expeditions

Aside from the train, you can take the jungle cruise to tour you around Adventureland.

Swiss Family Treehouse

This is the same as Tarzan’s tree house in Hong Kong Disneyland but with Swiss Family Robinson this time.

The Enchanted Tiki Room: Stitch Presents “Aloha E Komo Mai!”*

We have not tried this due to time constraints but this where Stitch performs. This is different from Stitch Encounter by the way.



The Enchanted Tiki Room




Attractions located in Westernland are: Westernland Shooting Gallery, where you can fire some rifle and test your shooting skills for just JPY 200 for 10 shots; Mark Twain Riverboat, a 3-deck cruise ship where you can cruise across the Rivers of America or you can ride the Tom Sawyer Island Rafts for more adventure. Another attraction is this 18 humorous country bears that will entertain you at the Country Bear Theater. Lastly and the most sought after attraction in Westernland is the Big Thunder Mountain, another FastPass Attraction and a rollercoaster ride.


Big Thunder Mountain


Shooting Gallery


Critter Country*

Get wet in this small area of the park which houses two attractions: Splash Mountain and Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes.


Splash Mountain (FastPass Attraction)

As the name suggest, this attraction will really make some splash. First, the boat will take you to a classic Disney film but will eventually lead you to a 45-degree drop down a 16-meter waterfall. Poof!


Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes

We thought it would be like a gondola ride wherein we will just be sitting and feeling the moment but NOOOOOO! We were the one paddling the canoe across the rivers of America! It’s great but I’d rather choose the Mark Twain Riverboat than this.



I think the largest part of Disneyland is Fantasy land as there are 11 attractions that can be found here including Cinderella’s Castle. There are four attractions here not in Hong Kong Disneyland and what we love most among the four is the Haunted Mansion! Aaaaa! If it is your first time in Disney, never ever miss It’s a Small World and Mickey’s Philharmagic. It’s a Small World is a boat ride inside a huge castle wherein kids around the world sing “It’s a Small World” in their own language and in their national costumes. Mickey’s Philharmagic on the other hand is a musical concert wherein most of the Disney Characters will entertain you. Again, the show is in Japanese.


It’s a Small World

Attractions best for kids are Alice’s Tea Party, Castle Carousel and Dumbo Flying Elephant. All the three are the same as a carousel where it rotates and spins.

Other attractions are the Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall and Pooh’s Hunny Hunt (FastPass Attraction).  The Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall is located inside Cinderella’s castle where guest can freely wander inside and feel like a princess. The Pooh’s Hunny Hunt is one of the attractions with the longest line! Even in Hong Kong!


Cinderella Fairy Tale Hall



Four attractions not in Hong Kong Disneyland are as follows:

Snow White Adventures* and Pinnocchio’s Daring Journey*

The two attractions both involve a mine car, the former will be Snow White’s Creepy adventure while the latter will be of a lighter and an adventurous journey of Pinocchio.



Snow White Adventure



Peter Pan’s Flight* 🙂

Have you dreamed of boarding the flying pirate ship? This is like a dream come true! Magical! It’s one of the best attractions I love! It brings out the kid in me.

Haunted Mansion (FastPass Attraction)* 🙂

My favorite ride is this menacing gothic haunted mansion! This is very well-played. Ghosts do exist! It will tour you around the mansion and prepare at the end of the ride! If I had the luxury of time, I’ll ride this again!




This is something not in Hong Kong Disneyland. This part of the park is what I called kid’s village where different cartoon houses are located like Chip ‘n Dale’s Treehouse, Goofy’s Paint ‘n’ play House, Donald’s Boat and Minnie’s House. Like a village, Toontown also has a mini Toon Park where kids can freely play. It also has a mini roller coaster called Gadget’s Go Coaster which kids would love to ride. Major attraction here, however, is Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin! It literally spins you. Haha.



Roger Rabbit Ride


The world in the future: this is what tomorrowland portrays. The best attractions here are the Space Mountain and Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. Tomorrowland also includes Grand Circuit Raceway and StarJets.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (FastPass Attraction)* 🙂

Have you tried the Transformers Ride in Universal Studios Singapore? If so, this is similar to that except that it remains static in one place. It’s a unique 3D ride that you should not be missing in Disneyland.



Stitch Encounter 🙂

Chat with Stitch live and laugh till you drop!


Space Mountain (FastPass Attraction) 🙂

Have you tried an indoor roller coaster where you do not know where exactly are you going? This ride is for you! It’s a thrilling rocket ride as if you are in the galaxy.

The last two rides are: Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (FastPass Attraction) and Monsters, Inc Ride & Go Seek! (FastPass Attraction)*. Both are FastPass attractions and both involve boarding a shuttle for 2 and holding some laser or flashlight. The former is about defeating Emperor Zurg by shooting him using your laser while the latter is about finding the M icon using your flashlight.


Monster Inc Ride





Aside from the attractions, Disneyland also have parades and Disney character greetings. Check their map to know for the time and name of the shows and character greetings. Just do not miss the day time parade, “Happiness is Here”, the night time parade, “Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade”, and the highlight of Disneyland which is the “Once Upon a Time”.


Happiness is here


Happiness is Here



Disneyland Electrical Parade



Once Upon A Time




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