Tips and Quick Facts on How to Get to Shenzhen, China from Hongkong

Shenzhen is really part of my bucket list since I saw my friend’s photo way back 2008. Why go there? Simply because you can have unlimited photos to most of the iconic sites in the world. Eiffel Tower? Arc de Triumph? Versailles? Niagara Falls? Alps? Leaning Tower of Pisa?  Name as many world icons you can and Shenzhen got it for you. As the famous shopping mall says, “We’ve got it all for you.” Hahahaha.

How to get there?

There are actually a number of ways on how to get to Shenzhen: MTR Subway, Public Bus or Cross Boarder Coach. The best way, of course, is through MTR Subway.

  1.  Take an East Rail Line to Lo Wu Station. This is the borderline of Hongkong and China. Our starting point was at Hung Hom Station.



Check which Platform Lo Wu is.


After getting a ticket, go directly to the subway platform which is located downstairs.

2. Alight at Lo Wu Station, the last stop. It takes about 45minutes to 1 hour. Follow the crowd and pass through a bridge just like the photo below.


3. You will be directed to China Immigration. Hurray! You have successfully arrived in Shenzhen, China. 🙂


Getting to China from Hongkong is as easy as one two three.

How much a one way ticket cost?

From Hung Hom Station to Lo Wu Station, it cost around HKD 33.50. You can use your octopus card if you have one. Don’t know anything about Octopus Card? See this blog post to know more about  Hongkong: Hongkong Quick Facts.

Do I need to have China Visa?

Having a visa depends on your nationality. Shenzhen is a special economic zone and there are five-day visas available right at Lo Wu station which are only valid for Shenzhen Area and not the whole Mainland China. This, however, is only available to certain nationalities. In fact, it is very limited that even US and UK citizens cannot get one. Bottom line is you have to apply the visa at the Chinese Embassy in your own home country.

But no need to worry because if you get a package tour from any accredited agencies, they will process a group visa for you. Gaaaah! The Chinese Embassy is really  strict, hence I recommend for you to just have a package tour. 🙂

What things I need to bring?

  1. Passport – Aside from the group visa, you always have to bring your passport every time you travel abroad.
  2. Money – The currency in Shenzhen is in Chinese Yuan or known as Chinese Renminbi.Take note that they do not accept Hongkong Dollars.
  3. Camera – Of course! How can you keep that memory if you haven’t took any photo? 🙂

So that’s all! Should you have any queries regarding Shenzhen.  Feel free to leave a comment. Also keep posted on my Windows of the World blog post which I will post soon.:)



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