Breathany Cafe

I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty; thus the moment my friend’s boyfriend tag me in a post for another Hello Kitty Cafe in Tagum City, I never had second thoughts of coming over. 

Located in front of Pilot Elementary School is this Breathany Cafe, a hello kitty themed cafe. The place is so mesmerizing and the food is affordably delicious. 

I and my cousin tried their frappes, smoothies and some  of their main menu. I’m quite impressed; they serve delectable dishes! 

Their drinks ranges from Php 75-120 while their meals cost Php 80-200. 

Cake Pops at Php 45


Strawberry Smoothie at Php 80


Black Forest and Mocha Caramel Frappuccino at Php 99


Baby Back Ribs at Php 180


Breaded Porkchop at Php 80


Strawberry Smoothie



Visit them at Mabini St, Tagum City or call them at 0917 3191689. You can also visit their facebook page for more details: Breathany Cafe


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