Day 01: Dongdaemun Night Strolling

After our very hectic trip in Nami Island and Jisan Ski Resort, we still had to fully utilised our Day 1 by dropping by in Dongdaemun Market. This has been one of the major markets in Korea which offers a full range of fashion items from clothes, hats, bags, shoes and belts.

How to get there:

You can ride Subway Lines 2,4 and 5 and alight at Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station or you can actually ride Subway Lines 1 &4 and alight at Dongdaemun Station. Either way, you will arrived at Dongdaemun Market.


It was a bit late and we haven’t filled our stomach yet, so the moment we arrived at Dongdaemun subway station, we immediately look for a restaurant. Yey. We found this resto. If you noticed on my previous blogs, I do not usually name the restos where we eat, not because they do not deserve credits but I just really don’t know how to read Korean characters. 😉



After filling our stomaches, we started our strolling and found this street food and this Han river.


We continued strolling and found this well-lit stores.

20151210_00313420151210_00294620151210_002759You see, we got to spend too little on our trip in Korea because we barely spent something for entrance fees. The country itself is just so wonderful that every corner is just picture-perfect.

We have spent just approximately less than Php 2,000 on our first day, including meals, fare and entrance fees. For our detailed budget and itinerary, you may check my previous post. 🙂

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