Day 03: Hello Kitty Cafe Myeongdong

Who among you here is a Hello Kitty fan like me? Raise your hands!!! *Purrr* Hahaha. C’mon, who doesn’t want a fluffy, adorable and cuddly kitty like Hello Kitty?


For the first time in forever, I’ve got to visit one of the Hello Kitty Cafes in the world. If only you know how surreal it was to enter her magical coffee shop, from the signage to the stairs to the menu to the souvenir shop. Aaaaa! Everything makes me so surreal. It was one of the happiest moments I had in Seoul.



There are four branches of Hello Kitty Café in Seoul:


We initially planned to visit the Hongik University Store, but due to time constraint we went to Myeongdong store instead. The one in Hongik is like a Hello Kitty House. So If you have time, visit the one in Hongik.

How to Get There (Myeongdong):

  1. Take the Myeongdong Station (on the 4 line), take exit 6.
  2.  Walk straight then turn left on the third turn.
  3. The café is located on the 2nd floor. So, look at the 2nd Floor of each building and you’ll find it. The café is a bit obvious because it is colored pink.



There is a limited menu in Hello Kitty Café. There are no rice meals here. As the name suggests, it is a Hello Kitty Dessert and Café. Thus, they only serve cakes, waffles, sandwich and hotdog. For the drinks, they serve coffee (hot/cold), non-coffee (hot/cold)  like tea, chocolate, strawberry and matcha drinks. For more ideas about their menu, visit their website.

We ordered waffles, hotdog and sandwich for our brunch and matcha, hot choco and tea latte for our drinks.



Price Range

Drinks: KRW 4,000 -6,000

Desserts/Waffles: KRW 8,000-15,000

Hotdog – KRW 8,000

Egg Sandwich – KRW 5,000

Their price is reasonable though. Every bite is worthy. I like their hot dog the most. Nomnomnom.



The café also have a mini souvenir shop wherein you can buy a number of Hello kitty stuffs from hand lotion to luggage bags.





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