Hanbok Rental at Myeongdong

Another best thing to do in Seoul is wearing their traditional costume known as Hanbok.

Where can I rent Hanbok?

There are a number of stores which offers Hanbok rental around Seoul. Hanbok rental is available at, but not limited to Namsan Hanok Village, Bukchon Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace and  Myeongdong.

We tried wearing Hanbok at Myeongdong. We first went to Seoul Global Cultural Center located at 5th floor M-Plaza Myeongdong, 2ga, Jung-Gu Seoul for a free Hanbok costume. However, they are already fully booked and can no longer accommodate us. Nonetheless, they have booked us for another store nearby which offers Hanbok rental.


I actually forgot the name of the store but it is just in the Myeongdong District. I suggest that you visit the Seoul Cultural Center first and have them book for you.


How much does it cost to rent a Hanbok?

The cost for each hanbok is KRW10,000. This only includes one hanbok and one headdress. You have to take photos on your own. If you want them to take photos of you and have a printed copy, the cost ranges from KRW40,000-80,000. Yike! A bit expensive so we just took turns. However, since the crews are so friendly. They helped us take our group photos. Yehey. They also do not have any time limit. So we took as many photos as we can until we got tired. Nyahaha.


Note, however, that the price varies depending on the store. There is also a popular Hanbok rental store called as Oneday Hanbok. They offer a hanbok rental for KRW 4,000 per hour but a minimum of four hours is required. Unlike the store where we rented our hanbok, Oneday hanbok allows the hanbok to be worn outside their store. You only have to deposit one valid ID and KRW 80,000.


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