Villa Amparo Highlands


Looking for a place to relax and rejuvenate? Tired of the city stress but afraid to go to the beach? Want to go to highlands but lazy to hike? Well, Villa Amparo highlands offer the serenity and the panoramic mountain and ocean view you are looking for.


Panoramic View (c) Migz Orquina

Located at Purok 1, Bandera, Kaputian, Samal Island, is a highland resort which offers a private accommodation. It has 2 swimming pools, veranda, karaoke, billiard tables and  fully-furnished villas.

How to get there:

Well, to tell you honestly, it is very difficult to get to Villa Amparo as the way is a bit rocky. It actually took us an hour to get there. However, it is worth the time and hassle. 😉

  1. Ride the barge from Sasa Wharf to Babak Wharf. (Fee per person is Php10 and fee for car is Php200.)
  2. Turn left from Babak Wharf.
  3. From the Rotunda, turn right.
  4. A total of 19.7kms from the Rotunda to Villa Amparo. here are some landmarks to note:
  • Mambag-o Elementary School
  • MAAG Warehouse – turn right
  • Seagrass Beach Resort
  • Central Warehouse Club
  • Penaplata
  • Penaplata Central
  • Infokolor – turn right
  • IGACOS Police Station
  • Penaplata Public Market
  • Bridge
  • Hagimit Falls
  • Maxima
  • Brgy Del monte
  • Left side Basketball COurt
  • Brgy. Anonong
  • Cone (Barangay Kubo) – turn left- turn right
  • Rough Road to Bandera
  • Batcave
  • Bandera Elementary School – turn left


You can choose from the two villas: one that can accommodate a maximum of 20pax (Php 9,000) and another which can accomodate up to 12 pax (Php 7,000). You can rent two villas to ensure the privacy you want. However, you can be lucky enough to have the resort private when nobody reserves the other villa. For us, we rented the smaller villa and lucky enough there is nobody renting the other villa; thus we were able to rule the place. Haha. :p

 Villa 1 (Php 9,000) Good for 20pax

 Villa 2 (Php 7,000) Good for 12 pax

For me, the smaller villa is more favorable because of its scenic view. As you can notice the first villa is two storey and its balcony is smaller than the other. The second villa’s veranda is more  spectacular and is perfect for friends and family gatherings.

Amenities and View





Balcony in Villa 2


Panoramic View





Swimming Pool





Food and Kitchen Utensils

Both villas are fully-furnished. They have all the kitchen utensils and appliances you need from gas range to refrigerator to rice cooker to spoon, fork, and plates. Thus, no need to but those plastic utensils.


We bought our ingredients and cooked  on our own.

For more details, you may contact the following numbers:

Tel. No.: 082 284 0692 / 082 286 5807
Mobile: 0922 880 6977 / 0999 880 0225


2 thoughts on “Villa Amparo Highlands

  1. Hi. Im contacting the Villa amparo Resort but no one’s answering and sometimes its busy… By the way, may i know there active contact number for my reservation. thank you


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