The Beauty of Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is not just a name of the lake like most of us thought, but it is a municipality in the province of South Cotabato. When people heard of Cotabato, some will have second thoughts of coming. For some, this is somewhere that should never be in their travel bucket list. Some believe that such area would be umm let’s say perilous. But amidst all these scuttlebutts, I believe and I must say I have been here more than once, the place is indeed beautiful and the people are so hospitable. T’boli, native people who lives in this place for more than centuries, have preserve their culture and heritage which makes this place so distinct.


How to get there:

To be honest I have never tried commuting to this municipality, however I did some research for you:

From Davao City, take a bus bound to General Santos City. This would cost Php 250 and would take 4 hours, depending on the type of the bus (i.e. Nonstop, Aircon with 4 stops, Non-aircon). Of course, the nonstop bus will surely be efficient.

From General Santos City terminal, take a bus bound to Koronadal (Marbel). This would approximately cost you Php70 and travel time is about an hour.

Next would be from Marbel terminal, take another bus to Surallah. This would take half an hour and fare cost at Php 30.

Lastly, when you arrive in Surallah, ride a van or jeep bound for Lake Sebu. This would approximately take another 45 minutes for Php 40. You can also rent a habal-habal (single motor).


That would be approximately be 4 bus rides and would take 6-7 hours from Davao. So yeah, I suggest that you rent a van or grab your car. It would actually take 5 hours if you will be on a private car. But I assure you, the trip would be worth it once you arrive at Lake Sebu.

Where to go/What to Do:

Lake Sebu is actually known to be a home of 7 waterfalls, lakes, rivers and springs.

The place is also well-preserved that you will feel solemnity in the place. This place is also the home of the highest zip line in Asia. Knowing this, Lake Sebu is absolutely a one stop tourist destination for tourists who seek the beauty of nature, experience preserved culture and enjoy exhilarating adventure.

Dine and Have a Lake Cruise at Punta Isla Lake Resort


Our first destination was at Punta Isla Lake Resort. They serve sumptuous dishes, mostly different tilapia cuisines. They also have this floating restaurant wherein you have to ride a raft just to transport yourself there.


Native T’bolis normally roam around and entertain the resort’s guests by dancing their cultural dance and singing their songs.


Lake Cruise

After having our lunch, we tried the Lake Cruise. As far as I can remember, it only cost Php200 per person. I am actually not sure but it does not cost that much.

They also have rooms wherein you can rent and sleep overnight. They also have a souvenir shop wherein you can buy beaded handmade products. The resort is indeed a one stop shop. They also have plans building a cable car from the mountain going down to the lake but that would take long to be implemented.

For more details about Punta Isla Lake Resort, please visit their website. Just click the link.

Address: Surallah-Lake Sebu Road, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Phone:(083) 238 8503

Exhilarating Adventures at Seven Falls Zip Line
Zip line

After we had our lunch and lake cruise, we then went to the popular zip line. Do you know that the highest zip line in Southeast Asia is located in Lake Sebu? Yes! It is called Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zip line. This is located at Purok Pag-asa Lake Sebu, about 20-30 minutes from Punta Isla.

photo 1538

The 7 waterfalls of Lake Sebu are called Hikonh Alo (passage falls), Hikong Bente (Immeasurable falls), Hikong B’Lebel (Zigzag falls), Hikong Lowig (booth falls), Hikong K’Fo-I (wild flowers falls), Hikong Ukol (short falls) and Hikong Tonok (soil falls). The first two falls are accessible but the other five requires some trekking. Hence, the zip line is built so that everyone can see most of these seven falls.

The zip line is 740 meters from Falls No. 1 to Falls No. 5 and another 400 meters from Falls No. 5 to Falls No. 2. It only cost Php 250 on weekdays and Php 300 on weekends. Entrance fees also applies at Php 20 for adult, Php 10 for students and Php 15 for senior citizens.


Bungee Trampoline

Other than the zip line, Lake Sebu Eco-Park or the seven falls zip line also offers other adventure like Bungee Trampoline. This only cost Php50 and last for 15 minutes. But I bet, you will get tired after 5 minutes. Hahaha. But this is indeed one fun adventure especially when you will turn 360 degrees like I did.




I was attempting to have a matrix trick but poof! I failed! haha. Always be careful. 😉

photo 1564

Zorb Ball

From extreme rides, you can also try the zorb ball. It is huge inflatable ball wherein you will be locked inside it and will be rolled from the top of a hill. This cost Php100. I did not try this here since I’ve already tried this in Davao. So, here are the photos of my brother trying zorb ball.


Keep Calm and Enjoy Mother Nature

For those who are not adventurous and would prefer to feel mother nature and experience T’Boli culture. Here are some of the activities you can try at the Seven Falls Zip Line.

Fake your Zip Line Ride

If you are not brave enough to conquer your fear of heights. You can actually fake your zip line ride. Haha. Yes you can. There is a static area wherein a zip line suit will be available for rent and have your photos taken as if you really are riding a zip line. This only cost for Php 20. Look how legit this photo is.

Can you see that zip line suit in the upper right of the photo below? That is the static zip line wherein you can take your amazing shots as of you were riding the real zip line.



Wear T’Boli Outfit

The eco-park also offers T’boli outfits for rent at Php 50.



Selfie with Mother Nature

If you don’t want to do anything but just enjoy the scenery. You can actually just take a photo of the falls and have a selfie with mother nature. This will cost you nothing, of course. 🙂




So yeah! That’s it for Lake Sebu. 🙂 For more details, don’t hesitate to add a comment below.


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