Majestic Province of Surigao del Sur

Located 245 kilometres northeast of Davao is an enchanting province of Surigao del Sur. This province is gradually making its name to the must-see tourist spots in Mindanao. In fact a number of tourists, both local and foreign, kept on coming back to this magical place. Ever heard of “Enchanted River”, a deep blue enthralling river? How about Tinuy-an Falls which is so called the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines”? What about the group of untouched and captivating “Britannia Islands”? Yes! All these places in just one province.

Big Daddi’s Travel and Tours

With the help of Big Daddi’s Travel and Tours, our travel in this fascinating province was made easy. We worried nothing on this trip but our outfits and photo ops. Big Daddi got everything settled including our transportation, driver, gasoline, food, snacks, entrance fees, cottages, tables, chairs, room accommodation, island hopping and tour guide fees. We also got unlimited photos taken via DSLR, welcome tarpaulin and souvenir. We never got anything out of our pocket (except for some activities we tried) during the whole trip because Big Daddi’s handled everything including our snacks during the 5-hour-drive. All these inclusions for just Php 2,800 per person (Minimum of 10pax). You may contact them via these digits 09989852104 (Smart) and 09175521538 (Globe).


How to get there:

Since we got a tour package during this trip, we have not ridden any public transport. However, if you choose to have your trip DIY, you can ride at Ecoland Terminal and ride a bus bound for Mangagoy (Bislig) for Php 265 per trip. Then you can just rent a habal-habal (motorcycle) to drive you within the province. Nonetheless, it’s more of a hassle and is not cost-effective. I highly suggest to go to on a private vehicle or avail of any tour packages like Big Daddi’s.

We met at exactly 1:00am at one of the fast food chains in Bajada, Davao City. Big Daddi arrived on time as scheduled. We were so lucky enough to have the owners as tour guides during the trip: Big Daddi himself was our driver while Big Mammi was our photographer. They brought us chips and water for us to munch during the 5-hour-trip. We have not noticed the ride because we are so asleep. zzzzZZzzzz. (-.-)

Tinuy-an Falls

Our first stop was at Tinuy-an Falls a.k.a “The Niagara Falls of the Philippines”. This multi-tiered widest waterfall is located in Bislig City, Surigao del Sur.

Entrance Fee: Php 30.00

Cottages for Rent: Php 300- Php1,000


One can experience to ride a raft and have some refreshing water massage. You can also visit its second and third tier through climbing a steep trail. But do note that riding the raft and climbing to other tiers will cost you additional charge which range from Php 20 – Php 50.

20141018_064627 20141018_081909



We also had our sumptuous breakfast just beside the fall.

20141018_071253 20141018_071242

Enchanted River

After spending some hours at Tinuy-an Falls, we headed straight to the most intriguing Enchanted River, located at Hinatuan, an hour away from Bislig. Why intriguing? Because a number of professional divers including experts from National Geographic have tried reaching its riverbed but no one has ever reached it up to date. Hearsay would tell that the river is guarded by some spirits; hence swimming at night is prohibited. Nonetheless, science would tell that the rich blue color of the river is because of the mixture of fresh and saltwater of Hinatuan Bay. Whatever it is, all I know is that it is majestically beautiful and is created by God.

Entrance Fee: Php 30

Cottage for Rent: Php 200- Php 1,000




What is most awaited here is the fish feeding. Yup! There are plenty of gaudy fishes swimming in this river. You have to pay if you want to feed the fishes; however they are strict with the time. They have their fish feeding on scheduled at 12:00nn. A caretaker would ring a bell as a way of requesting everyone to get out from the water then a musical song called “The Hymn of Hinatuan” is played. A school of multi-coloured fish will then come out from nowhere, making it a magical moment. Once feeding is done, the fishes start to vanish.

After which, we had our lunch. Big Daddi set all seafood dishes like calamares, fresh seaweed, grilled tuna belly and the like. We all got our tummy full as each dish is well-prepared.


We then went swimming and since we are not that professional swimmers, we rented some lifejackets at Php 20 each. There is also an available river cruise which cost Php 300 per person, but due to lack of time, we have not tried it.

Ocean View Park and International Dollhouse

On our way to Britannia Islands, where we spent our night, we dropped by at the Ocean View Park and International Dollhouse. This is also one of the attractions found in the province of Surigao del Sur. Before reaching the place, one must climb approximately 250 steps. Nonetheless, the breath-taking view will surely make every step worth it. 🙂



If you are a fan of Barbie dolls, well have your jaw locked as the place will definitely drop your jaw. With over a hundred of international dolls coming from all over the world, you will surely enjoy the place, especially when you know the history of each doll.




Britannia Islands

We finally ended the day at a resort in Britannia Islands, which is 40 minutes away from Oceanview and International Dollhouse. We spent the night and had our dinner here. I will be posting a separate blog about this beautiful untouched islands. So keep posted.  🙂





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