A Day Hike at Mt. Puting Bato

I never dreamt of climbing a mountain as it will be so tiring and requires so much effort. One day my friend invited for a 30-minute hike to the highest point in the Island Garden City of Samal, Mount Putting Bato. At first, I was hesitant as it is so impossible to climb a mountain for 30-minutes. But due to peer pressure, I decided to join after all it is just a “30-minute-hike”, right?

How to get there (Public Transport):

  1. From Davao City, take an Island City Express Bus going to Island Garden City of Samal.
  2. Drop off at  Peñaplata and take a single motor to bring you to Sitio Tayapok.
  3. From there, follow the trail going up to the peak og Mt. Puting Bato.

What to Bring:

  • Food to eat
  • Water to drink
  • Tent  (if staying overnight)
  • Camera to capture moments

The Trails

There are actually two trails to conquer the summit of Mt. Puting Bato: Guilon Trail and the Tayapok Trail. We planned to take the Tayapok trail as it only requires approximately 30 minutes passing through an open trail and grassy upland. Unfortunately, we got lost and eventually took the Guilon Trail which led us to hike for about 2 hours passing though narrow, dangerous and bushy woods. Well, getting lost  made our trip so memorable. Holding tight to the tree’s roots, pushing each other’s butts and pulling each other’s hand are some of the memories I remembered. It was really fun but I do not recommend you to do the same thing as entails risk. One of our friends has already reached the top before so we are confident that he will lead us the way. So for newbies, don’t dare the devil. 🙂

IMG_4476 IMG_4462 IMG_4459 IMG_4455 IMG_4298 IMG_4287 IMG_4290 IMG_4286 IMG_4284

Reaching the Summit

Upon reaching the summit, I was not that astonished. I imagined the peak as cloudy and cold as what other mountains are. In my surprise, the photos we took at the peak are impressive. I noticed that what made our hike so striking was not the view alone but the journey we have gone through, the challenges we had encountered and the summit that we had reached.



IMG_4485 IMG_4475 IMG_4474 IMG_4469 IMG_4468 IMG_4462 IMG_4424 IMG_4417 IMG_4296 IMG_4297

Food to Eat

Obviously, there are no fancy restaurants up the mountain. However there is a home up there which you can stop by and set up your tents, if you have one. Since we went there for lunch, we brought some food to munch: fried chicken, pancit canton and rice. We made a little boodle by setting up a table mat using a banana leaf we got from the mountain. Also we quench our thirst by having a freshly picked coconut which cost Php20 each.

IMG_4418 IMG_4416




The Descent

We descended at Cannibad, a popular beach destination, where we planned to stay overnight.

Keep posted for my blog about Cannibad. 🙂


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