Banana Beach: The Resort within a Banana Plantation

An hour away from Davao is a piece of paradise within a banana plantation: Banana Beach Resort. Immense in its natural beauty and luxury, Banana Beach Resort is a paradise that will appease your chi and revitalize your mind and body.

Banana Beach Resort is part of Hijo Plantation located in Barangay Madaum, Tagum City.


Day Tour Packages

The resort offers three packages: Day Package, Consumable Package and The Spot.

The Day package offers everything the resort can offer, may it be land and water adventures. This suits for groups of people, minimum of 8 pax. Consumable Package suits for couples or for smaller groups. It gives you the freedom where to consume your Php 950, whether it be in food, activities, equipment or tours. Lastly, The Spot is suitable for those who just want to relax and experience fishing.

The table below shows the summary of all the inclusions in each package:

  Day Package Consumable Package The Spot
Rate: Php 1,250/head Php 950/head Php 500/head
Minimum persons: 8 persons Not Applicable Not Applicable
Inclusions: ·     Forest or Banana Plantation Tour

·     River Cruise or Banana Boat Ride (30 mins)

·     2 Horses for Horseback Riding (30 mins)

·     2 Kayaks (30 mins)

·     Tea House

·     Welcome drinks

·     PHP 3500 consumable on food and drinks

·     Free use of infinity pool

·     Free wifi access

·     Includes unlimited use of the infinity pool

·     Fully consumable on food and drinks, activities, equipment, and other resort facilities.

·     Valid for one (1) whole day only

·     Fishing Hut Rentals are at Php 500/day, inclusive of two (2) fishing rods.

·     Additional fishing rod rentals are at Php 100/rod.

·     Charge per kilo* for fish caught:

o   – Bangus, kitang: Php 280/kilo

o   – Lapu-lapu, talakitok: Php 350/kilo

Since it was just me and my boyfriend taking the day tour. We opted the consumable package. It was worth every penny. Our Php 950 went a long way as we were able to try paddle boarding, horse back riding, fishing and swimming. Plus we were able to munch sumptuous lunch and snacks. It is just about proper budgeting. Hahaha.


The resort offers water and land activities. Here is a list of all activities offered by the resort:

Water Activities  Land Activities
Kayak Beach Volleyball
Skim Board Ultimate Frisbee
Paddle Board Horse Back Riding
Infinity Pool Children’s Playground
Banana Boat ATV
Water Trampoline Mountain Biking
The Spot: Fishing Village

The Spot: Fishing Village




Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Horse Backriding

Horse Backriding

Horse Back riding by the Beach

Horse Back riding by the Beach

Golf Cart

Golf Cart


I must commend the resort’s chef as my experience with Banana Beach is a total package because of their delectable dishes. My favorite is their Crispy Kangkong which delighted my palate and left me wanting for more. I also love their island bar where we munch their Clubhouse Sandwich.


Crispy Kangkong

Crispy Kangkong

Clubhouse Sandwich

Clubhouse Sandwich


For more details, you may contact them via sending them an email at or you may call them at +63 917 633 7019. 


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