Manila-Hong Kong- Macau 5D4N Budget and Itinerary

Disneyland is said to be the happiest place on earth, but for me it is not just the happiest but also the most magical one. Thus I and my boyfriend decided to visit the nearest Disneyland, which is situated in Hong Kong! Thanks Cebu Pacific for promo fares! We bought our tickets for just Php 3,000++. Not bad, right?

It is not our first time in Hong Kong: I was here with my family last 2009 while he went here on 2008, also with his family. Hence, we did not have a hard time making our DIY trip in this prominent country.

Here is our budget and itinerary from Davao to Manila to Hong Kong to Macau for 5 days and 4 nights.

Please click: Manila-Hong Kong-Macau-5d4n for the detailed spreadsheet of the budget and itinerary.

Davao to Manila v.v. Airfare      2,278.04
Manila Tour including Meals      1,450.00
Hong Kong Tour Including Airfare, Meals and Transportation    12,632.00
Hong Kong Hotel (5D4N)      8,400.00
Macau Tour including Meals      4,200.00
Total Expense Davao-Manila-Hong Kong Macau 5D4N Tour ALL-IN    28,960.04


Cebu Pacific has always been generous to their promo fares. No wonder that all my travels are always with them. We booked our tickets months before our scheduled flight. It was a PISO fare promo. I bet it is cheaper nowadays as they have removed their fuel charges. You may also cut the Davao-Manila fare if you are already staying in Manila.


Unlike my other blog posts, this one is really not a budget travel as our hotel is a bit expensive. As you can see in the summary table above, the chunk of our cost is spent in our hotel which cost us Php 8,400 each. We have spent this much as we rented two rooms. So you can cut this off by sharing and looking for a much cheaper hotel/dormitory type. We stayed at Imperial Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. This is located 5 minutes away from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR and also a 5-minute-walk to Avenue of the Stars.


Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway or MTR is very comprehensible. One can easily understand it in a snap. They also have English translation which made it easier to understand. Due to its efficiency and affordability, the MTR system is a common mode of public transport in Hong Kong.

One-way fares range from HKD3.5 to HKD55, depending on the distance. We used the Octopus Card, a credit card-size plastic train ticket, which are inserted or tapped into slots at entry turnstiles, retrieved, and inserted again at exits. We loaded it with HKD100 good for 5 days but we haven’t consumed it all for transportation. We also used in in paying in convenience stores. Octopus is actually accepted all over Hong Kong. It can be used for transportation (MTR and Bus), retail outlets and other self-service machines. Just ask the establishment if they accept it.


Entrance Tickets (Disneyland and Ocean Park)

To save time in lining up to buy tickets, we already booked our tickets online (both for Disneyland and Ocean Park). It is also cheaper to buy it online.


Keep posted for my future blog posts for further details about this trip.


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