Baguio and La Trinidad Day Tour

Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines, is 7 hours away from Manila. Due to its scenic view, one cannot notice the long ride.

How to go to Baguio from Manila:

Several bus lines ply from Manila to Baguio and vice versa in which terminals are scattered across the metro. Victory Liner is the most popular as it is known for its convenient and excellent service. I must attest to that! Victory Liner buses run on a 24-hour service which buses leave every hour. They have their terminals in Pasay, Cubao and Caloocan.

We rode the Victory Liner bus from Pasay at 12 midnight. I recommend buying your tickets in advance, like a week or days before your scheduled departure, especially on holidays or long weekends as a mass of people travel to such place. We booked our tickets two days before our scheduled departure. I tell you the line for chance passengers is like lining for PBB audition. Yeah! That crowded!

The regular air-conditioned bus cost us Php455 each. It actually has a deluxe bus wherein you can sleep in a bed and has its own comfort room, of course for a higher price. I think it cost about Php750. You can check their website for the updated schedule and fares.

As far as I can remember, there is no stop over for such schedule but you can always tell the driver if you need to pee or so. We arrived at exactly 7am at the Victory Liner Baguio Bus Terminal.

Mode of Transportation:

Tricycle and jeepneys are the modes of transportation across Baguio. However, upon arriving at their bus terminal, a man approached us and offered us a day tour around Baguio. We were hesitant at first but after he told us that it only cost Php 2,500 for a full day tour. We grabbed it right away as it will be of less-hassle. Plus, we can decide as to what places we want to go.


Café by the Ruins

First stop was Café by the Ruins. This is one of the top restaurants in Baguio recommended by travel and food bloggers. Hence, we did not miss the chance trying this place. I am not surprise that the restaurant was so full that we have to be on their wait list. Good thing we saw this guy, who eats alone on his table. We approached him and asked if we can share. As the cliché goes, “Share a table and win a friend.” And we did! Yey! He is a food blogger and works in an Advertising firm. Cool, right? What great about it is that he understands Bisaya! It’s a small world after all!

20140823_080333 20140823_080440 20140823_080708 20140823_081655 

Taoist Bell Tower

After we had our tummies full, we went straight to La Trinidad, Benguet, 30 minutes away from Baguio, for the Strawberry Farm.  But before that, we visited the Taoist Bell Tower. Located at downtown area of La Trinidad Benguet, colorful temples and attractive pagodas can be found in this destination.


La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

From Taoist Bell Tower, we headed to Strawberry Farm to pick some strawberries. Sadly, there are no strawberries during that season. L  Nonetheless, there are so many traders within the vicinity selling strawberry goods like fresh strawberries, ice cream, taho, keychains, bonnet and a whole lot more.

20140823_101532 20140823_103351 20140823_103339 20140823_101916 

Easter Weaving Room

Here we witnessed how to weave and even tried weaving.


Lourdes Grotto

This is one of the most visited places in Baguio. Located at the top of Mirador Hill, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto can be reached by climbing the 252 steps stairs.


Burnham Park

Burnham park is  a popular destination for both locals and tourist. Some activities that are available in this spots are boating, biking and taking a photo with St. Bernard. . 🙂


20140823_121443 20140823_122922 20140823_123836 20140823_124300

Oh my Gulay!

Our guide brought us in Oh My Gulay! for lunch. It is located in the popular Session Road.

20140823_131025 20140823_134001




Wright Park, Horseback Area

Home for pink horses! We were able to have some photo opts with a number of horses for Php 20. You can actually ride on them and tour around the place for Php120.

20140823_143251 20140823_143726 

Botanical Garden

This is a place to go for relaxation and picnic. Also , a number of aged Igorots are ready for some photo shoots with you. Note that it is not for free, you can pay them any fee. They have this treasurer who collects the fee for them.

20140823_141813 20140823_142640

Mines View Park

Here we tried to wear their native suits. We rent it for a hundred peso.






The Mansion

Here you can see a replica of the gates at Buckingham Palace in London.

20140823_145243 20140823_145449 20140823_145012 20140823_145055 20140823_145200

SM Baguio

We went here to have our dinner before heading to Ilocos. I was amazed for the mall has no aircon. Cool, right? By the way before we had our dinner here, we took a bath at the hotel of our friends who opted to stay in Baguio rather than travelling to Ilocos.

After which, we went straight to the bus terminal for Ilocos.

For our budget and itinerary, please refer to 5 Days 6 Thousand Pesos 7 Tourists Destinations.


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