Tagaytay and Laguna Day Tour

  How to go to Tagaytay:

There are many modes of transportation going to Tagaytay. One of which is riding a bus to Nasugbu via Tagaytay. We rode San Agustin Busliner in Cubao Bus Terminal. A one-way fare from Cubao  to Tagaytay cost us Php234. Travel time also took us about an hour and 30 minutes,  this, however, depends on the traffic condition.

We disembarked in the so called “Olivares Square”, the bus stop. Remember that there are no bus terminals in Tagaytay, hence make sure to inform the driver ahead of time. You might end up waking up in Nasugbu! 😉

Mode of Transportation:

Jeepneys and tricycles are the prevalent modes of transportation in Tagaytay. A one-way jeepney fare cost atleast Php 8.00 per person, depending on the distance while tricycle drivers prefer “pakyaw” system which cost a one-way fare for at least Php50 per tricycle.


Hotels are rampant in Tagaytay as this is one of the most sought after destinations near Manila. Hence, no need to worry about checking in. In fact, we have not made any reservations. We just asked the tricycle driver to bring us in the cheapest hotel. He brought us to a guesthouse near Picnic Grove. One night cost us Php1,200. The place is like a boarding house and good thing, we can just walk from the guesthouse to the Picnic Grove.


Picnic Grove

We just left our bags and headed to Picnic Grove. Well, not so much about it except for the picturesque view of Taal Volcano, thrilling zipline and cable car rides. The place is a bit denigrated maybe because it existed for decades. The entrance fee is just Php50. We have not tried riding their zipline and cable car as the weather in Tagaytay that time was scorching. Hence, we decided to leave Picnic Grove and went to RSM for lunch.



Bulalo for Lunch

We went to RSM for lunch. This restaurant is famous for its Bulalo and its cozy place. Unluckily, the place is so full and we were so hungry that we can no longer wait. Good thing, there’s a restaurant adjacent to RSM which also serves Bulalo.

I’ve actually been to RSM in 2012 and I must commend their sumptuous dishes.Really a good recommendation.


Enchanted Kindgom

We have not toured inTagaytay during the day because of its humid weather that time. Hence, we decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom (EK) in Laguna. Laguna is just an hour away from Tagaytay.








Mary Go Round

We went to the van terminal and waited for almost an hour before the van left for Laguna. The ride cost us Php 180. Tagaytay to Laguna usually takes an hour. From the van terminal, we rode a tricycle to EK.

We spent half day in EK and tried their exhilarating rides.

We then went back to Tagaytay but this time, we rode a jeepney which cost us Php132.

Sky Ranch Tagaytay

We went to Sky Ranch right after EK to ride their famous Sky Eye.


20140821_211854 20140821_212258

Starbucks Tagaytay

We went to Starbucks Tagaytay in the morning before heading back to Manila. The view was so tranquil. Unfortunately, we have not stayed there for long. I will not miss you again! I’ll get back to you soonest! PROMISE! 😉


Tagaytay to Manila

We rode a tricycle to the bus stop and rode a bus back to Manila. Unluckily, there was a heavy traffic in Cavite which took us about 3 hours to arrive in Pasay.

For our budget and itinerary kindly refer to, 5 Days 6 Thousand Pesos and 7 Tourist Destinations.

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