Singapore Diary Day 5 (Merlion, Singapore Flyer and DUKW Tour)

Let me tell you about how we ended our last day in Singapore with very jam-packed adventures. Who can forget to take a selfie with Merly the Merlion and riding the iconic Singapore Flyer? NOBODY! So we squeezed them all on our last day in Singapore. Since we only had some few hours to stay in Singapore, we have squeezed all the Singapore Landmarks in Singapore. Here, we show you three ways to show the beauty of Singapore through WATER, LAND and AIR.Thanks again to Singapore City Pass for making this possible.

Captain DUKW (Water View)

We started our day with riding the FREE Captain DUKW Tour. Again, this is included in the Singapore City Pass. Captain Explorer Singapore DUKW (pronounced duck) Tours is the best way to see Singapore on land and splashing down in the water .This is an amphibian ride wherein you will be toured around Singapore via land and then via water.

The fun begins when we boarded an authentic revamped Vietnam War era vehicle. There was a professional tour guide who accompanied us.  We started off with a city exploration, a drive around the city landmarks like Esplanade, Padang, Supreme Court, City Hall and War Memorial. What excites us most was when the vehicle started to “Splashdown” in the waters of Marina Bay. We were toured  to several landmarks such as  Merlion, Singapore River, the iconic Marina Bay Sands,  Esplanade Theatres on the Bay and Singapore skylines.

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Singapore Flyer (Aerial View)

Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel that is set to be Asia’s most visible iconic visitor attraction. It provides breathtaking, panoramic views of Singapore and beyond. The Singapore Flyer will transform the visual landscape of the surrounding Marina Bay area. This cost S$33.00 per person if purchased differently but  we chose this attraction to be part off our three-day city pass. However the ticket pass is valid before 5:00pm.

From our DUKW tour, the amphibian vehicle brought us back to Singapore Flyer. From there, we decided to ride the  Flyer. The way towards the Flyer is exuberant. It is like I am in space. Haha. The ride lasted for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. So, we had enough time taking photos of ourselves and the view. Note that the ride is not private, hence expect some tourist in one Flyer. Shown below is a photo with a Chinese boy. Isn’t he cute? 🙂

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FREE FunVee City Hop-on Hop-off (Orchard and Merlion)

From Singapore Flyer, we enjoyed our own City Adventure with FunVee Open Top buses. There are three routes for the Hop-on Hop-off:  1) City Hopper (Green) 2) Marina Hopper (Orange) 3) Sentosa Hopper (Red). As the name suggest Green Routes refer to city tour, Orange Routes refer to Marina Tour and Red Routes refer to Sentosa Tour. We chose the Green Route as we just want to go to Merly. Note that you can ride all three routes as long as it is within one day.

We passed by on Esplanade Bridge and then we were dropped off at Merlion Park bus stop along Collyer Quay. We then reboard the Bus at the Merlion bus stop and proceeded to fast paced city life of Orchard Road.   This actually is just some of the stop overs because you can actually hop on and hop off anytime and anywhere. There are guide routes for each destination and you can get this once you received the SCP package. Here are the list of routes: Hop on Hop off Routes.

Note that you cannot ride or alight from the bus anywhere you want but only to indicatedbus stops. Hence, always check the map routes when riding a hop-on hop-off and make sure of the color routes. Also, the bus parks only for a couple of minutes hence make sure to be on the bus stop on time. It is clearly written in the guide routes the time and where the bus stop is. You can also ask the driver to beep you on your chosen destination.




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