Singapore Diary Day 4 (FunVee Night Adventure, Gardens by the Bay and Bugis Street)

We have squeezed three countries in 5 days that we have just went to the Night Market on our last night in Singapore. Thanks to Singapore City Pass that we were able to have a night tour around Singapore with the stop-over at Gardens by the Bay.

FunVee Night Adventure (Stop-over at Gardens by the Bay)

From our Indonesia Trip, we went directly to Singapore Flyer to catch the FREE FunVee Night Adventure. It is actually worth SGD22.90 per person but with the Singapore City Pass, it is for FREE. Since we arrived in Singapore Flyer as early as 5:00pm, we decided to have our dinner at Singapore Food Trail located at the Ground Floor of Singapore Flyer. Prices range from SGD4.00-15.00.

By 6:00pm, we waited for our coach to arrive as the meeting time for FunVee Adventure is 6:30pm.  However, make sure to check the pass that was provided to you as the schedule may vary. The coach departed at exactly 7:15pm. Stunningly, the night was still young as Mr. Sun was still up. YES! Mr. Sun is still sneaking even at 7:00pm. I was amazed too. 😉

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer

The tour started from Singapore Flyer to the Helix Bridge then a stop-over at Gardens by the Bay where we were asked to disembarked the coach to observe a magical music show. By the way, be mindful of the coach you have disembarked as there are a number of coaches that are parked in the same place. You might ride the wrong coach when you boarded after the show.

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Gardens by the Bay is the highlight of the tour as we were crooned by the magical Super Trees, uniquely designed with an exhilarating display of light and sound. The musical show of lights is something you should NEVER miss, so wait for it. I felt I was Tinkerbell, surrounded with giant magical plants. I can just imagine how enchanting it was. Take me back to Singapore please. 🙂

1456696_10203148345409870_3723368182693355659_n 10600553_10203148348729953_4259051090837126985_n 8965_10203148352130038_7859479957420437002_n

The coach waited until the end of the show. Hence, board the coach right after the show. Don’t be sloppy! haha. 😉 Next we were toured around the famous streets in the city. Orchard Road, Little China and Little India were some of the places we saw. Note that no one is allowed to disembark the coach until the second stop which is the Bugis Street. It is up to you if you are going to stop here or you will be back at Singapore Flyer or avail their Night Cruise which is an additional cost.


Bugis Street

Bugis Street is the most popular night market in Singapore and  also known as the unique retail shopping destination. Here is the best place to buy souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Key chains, ref magnets, chocolates, bags, wallets are some of the things you can buy here. The price in every store is STANDARDIZED. Hence, do not waste your time looking for cheaper goods. Even if the store is located inside a building or along the street, the price is the same for the same goods.

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