Sweet Mati Escape

Want to escape from the stress but don’t have enough money and time to travel abroad? Then, why not explore the places near you? Mati is one of the best beaches one needs to explore. A three-hour-ride from Davao City, Mati is a great concoction of natural wonders, which features well-preserved white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Mati is great for both nature-lover and adventure seeker as the place offers water sports activities such as skim-boarding, surfing, diving and snorkeling. Also, the beautiful view of sleeping dinosaur from atop is beyond words. Subangan museum is also the most advance provincial museum I have been to. And most of all, Mati is the place where you can try the Ultralight flight experience which I posted last week on my blog. How to get there: If you are from Visayas or Luzon, take a flight to Davao City. This is the nearest airport to Mati.  You can ride a van, bus or rent a private car from there. The most convenient yet expensive way of transport is via private car which cost you Php4,500 including the  driver and gas. Riding a van will cost Php300 while taking the bus cost Php250 each. Van terminal is located in Gaisano Mall of Davao while the bus terminal is in Ecoland. You can ask the locals from the airport for the direction going to either of the two terminals. If you are travelling in a group of five or more, better rent a car. There are a number of legit car rentals in Davao. On average, Mati is a three-hour-ride from Davao; but this depends on your mode of transportation. Of course private car will take you to Mati the fastest, followed by the van and bus. When you reach Mati City, you can ride a tricycle going to your planned destination. Places to visit: Here are some of the most visited destinations in Mati. Sleeping Dinosaur You know when you’re in Mati when you find this gentle giant: the Sleeping Dinosaur. This is one of the key attractions in Mati. Look how the stunning the place is.         Dahican A taste of Boracay and Siargao, Dahican is the mixture of these two popular beaches. Dahican welcome its visitors with powder white sand and robust crystal clear water.      Subangan Museum Subangan Museum is a modern looking building surrounded with greenery and a cafe outside. This exhibits the heart of Davao Oriental. By far, this is the most improvised provincial museum I have been to. At the main hall is Davor the whale, an impressive 53-feet fossilized remains of a 20-ton sperm whale found at the coast of General Generoso.      Blue Bless Resort Blue Bless is a very cliquey place with sunrise view in the morning and crystal clear ocean water that you can’t resist taking a dive into. It also has this picturesque view of a mountain and ocean that you just can’t resist but stare at it.           Mindanao Saga Flying Club This is where you want to push you adrenaline rush to its limits as this is where you can ride this ultralight planes. More details are found on my previous blog: Fly High with Ultralight.         Travel Budget: A day trip to Mati costs us a tota l of Php3,000. Half of it was spent on the ultralight plane flying. Here’s our itinerary and costing:

Car Rental (Php4,500 for 12 hours; additional Php200 in every excess hour) Php    850
Ultralight Flying (Php 1,600 per person but discounted if more than 5) Php 1,330
Blue Bless Resort (We should have eaten our breakfasthere  but due to some reasons, we have not.) Php        0
Breakfast at Tambayan (Carinderia along the highway) Php      45
Subangan Museum Entrance Fee (Php 100 for foreigners, Php 20 for Davao Oriental locals, Php 50 for Non-Davao Oriental Locals) Php      50
Lunch at Seaside (Popular for its Empanada) Php    150
Stop by at the Sleeping Dinosaur (Free!) Php        0
Stop by at Davao Oriental (Free!) Php        0
Total Php 2,425

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