Fly High with Ultralight

Everyone was asking about the photos I post on my Facebook account: The Ultralight Flying Saga. ‘Where’ and ‘How much’ are the most frequently asked questions. Well a short answer will be (1) Mati, Davao Oriental and (2) Php 1,600 per 15 minutes. Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC) is a flight training facility which provides exciting flight activities at a reasonable and safe level.  Based in Mati City, Davao Oriental, MSFC is a 3-hour-ride from Davao City. Since the best flying time is as early as 5:30am, I and my friends decided to depart from Davao as early as 2:00am. Our driver was quite fast; hence we arrived at MSFC at around 4:30am. Since we arrived so early, the pilots let us stay in their lounge while waiting for the sun to rise.  For those who wants more accessibility, the club offers amenities like rooms for 2 persons (Php2,500) with meals and a refreshment lounge which offers package meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner (Php750). MSFC offers flight training programs and fun trial introductory flight. Since, we are not flight enthusiasts, we just tried a fun trial introductory flight which costs Php1,600 for a 15-minute flight, Php2,500 for 30 minutes, and Php3,500 for 45 minutes. There are actually two types of planes: the open and close one. What we tried is the open-type, somewhat like a skeleton of a plane: this flies lower and slower than the close-type. Also, this type is much cheaper as the close-type costs Php1,800 per 15 minutes. If you want to learn how to maneuver a plane, they offer flight training programs. Ultralight plane rentals (for certified MSFC pilots only) costs Php2,000 for 30 minutes whereas an annual membership fee costs Php9,000 which includes your logbook, patch, ID, towel and bag. Ground schooling costs Php3,000 for the whole course (6 hours classroom and 5 hours simulator time, with handout book). We started flying as early as 5:30 am.  As a precaution with an open vehicle, we are only allowed to bring cameras with straps on and got rid of any stuff from our pockets for safety. Also, should you want to document you flight, you can have your go pros mounted on the aircraft or you can just rent their go pro for Php200 per flight. Just remember to bring your USB, Hard Drive or Memory card so that you can copy your videos. J The flight was indeed worth every cent as you can see the blue ocean pacific, vast farms, romantic sun rise and the sound of the wind. The experience was indeed spectacular. By the way, before heading to MSFC, you need to book and have your reservation so that you can know their availability. Booking arrangements can be done through through their Facebook account (MindanaoSagaFlyingClub) and official website

Perks of being so early.

Fastening my seat belt.

Pacific Ocean at its best.

A photo with the pilot and the operations manager of MSFC.

Contact Details: (082) 233 2337 – Shella Dulaca 09177054294 – Capt. Rey Acosta Email: Facebook: “Like” their  Facebook to see the latest about the club!

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