Summertime in Boracay

It’s SUMMERTIME! Have you been to the beach and tanned that beautiful skin? Well, I bet everyone knows where the bestplace to go this summer, don’t you? Boracay!!!! 

Boracay is a tropical island surrounded by stunning white sand beaches with a number of activities and places to visit. Boracay is in fact a place for everyone: those who want to relax can head to Station 1 and enjoy the pristine white sand beach and witness a beautiful calm sunset; those who want some adventure can have both water and land activities like Fly Fishing, Helmet Diving, Parasailing, ATV , Buggy, and a whole lot more; those who want to party can party all night in the shoreline of Boracay with famous DJ’s and frenzied crowd; and those who just want food tripping can drown themselves with a number of delectable and mouthwatering restaurants within the vicinity of Boracay.No matter what you want do, Boracay has everything to offer.

If you would ask me where to stay in Boracay, it actually depends on how you want to spend your trip. There are three stations in Boracay. Station 1 is for those who want peace and luxury. This is where most posh hotels are located; so if you just want to relax and enjoy the solemnity of the sea breeze, Station 1 is the best place for you. Station 2 is where restaurants, mall and clubs are located.  This is the most crowded station since this is where most of the activities are located. So if you don’t want to walk miles just to eat, shop, party or try some activities every time, Station 2 is the right place for you. Plus, hotel rates are reasonable: not too expensive, not too cheap. Lastly, forthose who are in tight budget Station 3 fits you as this where the cheapest hotels are located. I haven’t walk much in Station 3 but it is where the G-Max Reverse Bungy is located. Wherever you want to stay, you are still stepping on the same white powdery sand and swimming the same crystal clear water.

So, here are some of my photos taken during my Boracay trip last April 2015. 





You may notice that the shoreline has many mosses. Locals said that this is normal during summer. These actually help crystallize the water and maintain the cleanliness of the beach. Moss are usually gone by September to December. 

To know how to get to and from Boracay the cheapest and hassle-free way possible, read my blog about Southwest Tours Boracay and for Boracay Activities and Rates, check my post It’s More Fun in Boracay. Also, should you want to try luxury for free, check my post about Exquisite Shangri-La.

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