It’s More Fun in Boracay

Even though the crystal clear waters and white sand beach of Boracay are more than enough when visiting Boracay, your vacation will be more memorable when filled with exciting activities. Boracay offers not just water activities but also land activities fit for adventure thrill-seekers or even for those little ones.  So here are the top 8 activities in Boracay.

1. Parasailing – This activity might be very costly for just a 15-minute ride but this is worth every penny. Special thanks to our Boracay tour guide Kuya Israel for letting us try the drop-dip-drag (3D) ride. The 3D means, from sailing on top the  parachute will slowly drop you in the water, dip you for a couple of minutes and then drag you until you are up in the air. Shown below is a video of how the 3D looks like. Parasailing ranges from Php800-2,000 depending on the number you’re in.

Up up and away!

The Drop!

The 3D was the best part.


2. Flyfishing – This is the best yet challenging water activity I have tried so farWith a fee ranging from Php 300-600, you got the thrill you want. Flyfish is an inflatable raft, carrying 2-6persons, holding on to a string handle while the raft is pulled by a speedboat. The same feeling when you are riding with banana boat but the differences are the speed and that the wind will carry the raft up, which causes you to hold tight or else you will fly. This activity will really make your body in pain afterwards. Hence, make sure to make this the last activity on your last day so that you can still have the energy to try others. 😉 

All smiles before the we hit the raging flyfish.

Yeah. I flew.


3. Parawsailing – An activity where you can chill and relax while enjoying the blue waters of Boracay. It is best that you rent your paraw sailing during sunset so you can enjoy the sunset fully. I tell you this one is the most romantic thing to do in Boracay: lying in a parawwith your special one watching the sun set. Isn’t it sweet and romantic?

Paraw sailing cost Php1,600 if you want to rent it privately during sunset and half the rate if you will just rent the other half and share the other wing with other group. Be sure to book a paraw in advance as this is very in demand during sunsets. You can also rent a paraw to tour the island or do some island hopping. It actually cost Php1,600 for the 4 hours. 


Me, the sunset and Yu’s foot! Haha.


  4. ATV – All terrain vehicles (ATV) is also a must to do in your visit to Boracay. With a fee of Php600-1,000, you get to drive the ATV for 2 hours at most. The  also includes entrances to the Aviary and Ocean Tower. The ocean tower is bird’s eye-view of the majestic Island of Boracay. There will be a briefing prior to your use of the ATV to acquaint you of how to operate the Buggy or ATV. 


Viewdeck at Mount Luho.

Yeah. Boracay has its own Windmills too.


5. Helmet Diving  This is an experience in which you can be one with the sea creatures, feed them and walk under water with your helmet. It’ll cost you at around Php 500, still depending on the number of persons in your groupI haven’t tried helmet diving this time since I have tried this during my college days. Nothing has changed though.

Helmet Diving taken last 2011.



6. Trick Art Museum and Skycycle – Trick Art Museum is a museum of optical illusion art while skycycle is riding a two-seater bicycle in a railway. Both are located in Happy Dreamland, an amusement park in Boracay. This actually cost Php300 for both activities but our guide, Kuya Israel, has bargained us these for free! Yehey! This is actually included when you rent an ATV or Buggy in Happy Dreamland. Quite a great deal, right? 


Tricking with Kaka Ana.


7. Island Hopping – You can do island hopping through renting a boat or a paraw. If you are alone or just the two of you, it is better to join a group island hopping which cost Php800 per person or much better to rent a private paraw for a more romantic tour around the island. However, if you are a big group, then it is better to rent a private boat. The tour actually takes 3-4 hours. So better budget your time well if you just have a few days to spend in Boracay. Since this is my second time in Boracay and has only 3 full days to enjoy the place, I opt not to spend time in island hopping. So here’s a photo of our island hopping way back 2011. 


Boracay Island Hopping last 2011.

The Crocodile Island.

8. G-Max Reverse Bungy – G-Max Reverse Bungy will make your adrenaline rush. Why? Because you are being thrown up in the air between 50 and 60 feet with a speed of 200 kphWoooh! That’s why I have not tried this. HAHAHA. The price is Php 1,500 per person/ride. Whether you’re a solo rider or there are three of you, that will still be Php 1,500 per person. If you want a video footage of your ride, you have to pay an additional amount between Php 500 and Php 750.Photos grabbed from google.



There are actually more activities Boracay offers. Here are some: Henna Tattoo, Mermaid Lessons, Hair Braiding, Sunset Watching, Beach Volleyball, Helicopter Beach Tour, Jet Ski, Flyboarding and Banana Boat. 

For our three-day and three-night vacation, here are our activities and corresponding rates per person:

Day 1: ATV Php    750

Day 2:ParasailingPhp 1,100

​           Swimming Php0

​           Shangri-La Tour          Php0

Day 3:Skycycle and Trick Art Php0

Hair Braid​              Php    200

Flyfish​           Php   500

Paraw Sailing*​      Php    270

Total Activities​   Php 2,820


Note: Rates depend on the number of person per group, hence the more you are in the group, the lesser you pay. For us, we are three; thus our rates are a bit expensive. Also for paraw sailing, our guide suggested to rent just half of the paraw and share the other half to others. Hence, we paid for Php800 and divided the cost among us three. 


To all those who want exceptional tour guide service, kindly contact Kuya Israel Timols. We are so comfortable with him and we believe that he values his service more than the amount he will receive. So here’s Kuya Israel digits: 09156395252.

WIth Kuya Israel Timols, our tour guide.


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