Getting to and from Boracay with Southwest Tours Boracay

Just like any vacation, one needs to search on ways to travel and modes of transportation available going to that destination. Most of us, budget travelers, would opt to commute instead of getting airport-hotel transfers packages since we believe that the latter is expensive. But with Southwest Tours Boracay, my idea has changed.

Boracay is about an hour’s flight from Cebu or Manila just off the larger Philippines island of Panay. Since we are from Davao City, we travelled to Cebu then to Caticlan via Cebu Pacific. If you want a lesser hassle just like what we want, then you can choose to travel by plane directly to Caticlan. However, bear in mind that less hassle means more cost. So if you value money more than comfort, you can actually fly to Iloilo or Kalibo then take a bus ride for 5 hours or 2 hours, respectively. 

Regardless of where you are from, whether CaticlanKalibo or Iloilo, you will still have to take a boat ride going to Boracay. Good thing Cebu Pacific has partnered with Southwest Tours Boracay which offers a great deal travelling to and from Boracay

With just spending Php400 per way, Southwest will cater all your transport needs from Caticlan Airport to Boracaystraight to your hotel. This includes private bus from Caticlan airport to Caticlan Seaport, Environmental Fees, Terminal Fees, Boat Ride from Caticlan to Boracay and Van Transfers from BoracaySeaport to the doorsteps of your hotel. In addition, the costincludes EXPRESS LANE SERVICE, which means you don’t have to line up with the crowd. The company also operates 24/7 which means if you’re flight is as early as 7:00am, Southwest can arrange your transfers to the airport as early as 4:00am. In all fairness, they are on time and their service is exceptional. We have decided to get roundtrip service, which cost us Php800. This is actually cheaper since we bought the ticket from Cebu Pacific because the actual cost for their roundtrip service is Php1,075 for to and from Caticlan Airport and  Php1,225 for to and from Kalibo Airport. With all the perks Southwest can offer, it is worth every penny. In fact, their fee is much way cheaper when you think of the time and hassle you will save.

If you still think this is way expensive, well let’s calculate the difference between commuting and paying Southwest Tours Boracay for one way trip per person:

Tricycle from Caticlan Airport to Caticlan Seaport Php  50

Environmental Fees                   75

Terminal Fee                  100

Boat Fee                          30

Tricycle from Boracay Port to Hotel​           100

Total of Commuting​   ​    Php355

Southwest Tours Boracay Fee​        Php400

Difference ​            Php   45


The difference is merely immaterial knowing the perks and hassle-free ride to and from Boracay, isn’t it?


Flight from Cebu to Caticlan

Arrival at Boracay Airport

Southwest Private Boat from Caticlan Port to Boracay Port. Travel time takes 15minutes.

Southwest Cab ride from Boracay Port to Boracay Peninsula

Arrived at Caticlan Port at 5:15am. I forgot to take a photo of Southwest private boat from Boracay to Caticlan.

Arrival at Cebu Airport.

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