Exquisite Shangri-La Boracay

If you want peace and solitude that will take your breath away, Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa is exactly the place you are looking for. Shangri-La Boracay is solicitously designed to bring luxury and harmony to its entire guest. Surrounded by a lavish hillside overlooking the ocean, a quarter mile long private beachfront, superb outdoor pools and commodious guest rooms and villas, awaits those who want to enter the vicinity of Shangri-LaThe place is in its entirety is luxurious and breathtaking leaving you penniless. But, not as how you thought it would be! Why? Because you can actually go there for FREE!!! Free?!?? Yes for free. It is actually not our intention to stay there for free but it just happened that way. 🙂

We initially planned to go to Shangri-La to have some private dinner by the beach; but since it will cost us Php3,500 per person, we just decided to have some snacks and refreshment instead. It was my boyfriend’s sister-in-law who suggested us to visit Shangri-La as she mentioned how magnificent the place is. So, thanks to her, the place is indeed exquisite. 

Shangri-La offers free shuttle service to and from the resort. The meeting place from Boracay is in front of D’Mall’s JulieBakeshoppe and Budget Mart. D’Mall is in Station 2. You can easily recognize the place since there are employees from the resort who will post with signage ‘Shangri-La Boracay’. The guy asked us if we have checked-in in the hotel and said no. We said we will just have some snacks at Cielo, one of Shangri-La’s restaurants.  We actually called the resort beforehand and made some reservations. So, make sure to have your reservations too. Don’t worry you don’t have to pay anything, after all it is just a reservation. *wink*

The shuttle operates on an hourly basis during daytime and every 30 minutes from 6:00pm onwards. We went at D’Mall at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon so that we can catch the sun set. The shuttle arrives at 5:15pm. Be sure to be early as it practice first come first serve basis. Travel time from D’Mall to the resort is 15 minutes. Upon arrival, we were astonished on how the place looks like. The whole place is exquisite and we were left elated. Hence, before heading to Cielo we took some selfies and photos overlooking the scenic beach. We then asked where Cielo is and headed to the restaurant. Upon reaching our point of destination, we were left breathless with the beautiful view of the swimming pool and striking beach view. So instead of heading to Cielo we ran to the beach witnessing the beautiful sun to set. It was like a reverie, a solemn magical moment. 

Cameras out! Then we took as many photos as we can. After we drown ourselves with so many photos; a group of young performers were street dancing in the beach side bar. A leader is holding this Sto. Nino and were chanting like as if you are in Sinulog, a festival in Cebu. Afterwhich, another group was starting to perform fire dancing also known as ‘Poi Dancing’. 

Shuttle from D’Mall to Shangri-La Boracay




The night was young; then we notice that nobody knows if we already dine in Cielo or not. Tadaaaahhh! Idea! Idea! Idea! So, we all decided to just go back to Boracay Peninsula and have our dinner by the beach there. Consequently we went to where the shuttle dropped us then waited for a ride. After 5 to 10 minutes, a shuttle arrived. Weeeeee. J See? Even a single penny was not spent but we lavishly tried the luxurious amenities Boracay Shangri-La has to offer. We came home saying, “We will be back Shangri-La; not as walk-in guests but legit ones.”

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